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Infinite Vistas (no, not Windows)
2008-09-12 15:13:00 PDT - by Jehar
Let's head right on over to the spacial aspect - maps. We've had plenty of speedmapping events, and I haven't even been able to check out everything everybody in negke's circle has put out in the last few weeks. Some of those Dreamscape maps are especially mouth-watering. Or tentacle-watering. Whatever. Point is, we've seen a lot of old hats come and display their talent, as well as a fresh crop who are just learning what the sharp end of a brush feels like.

Meandering over to the Pineapple Sanctuary you'll notice that Lardarse has delved into mapping headfirst, packaged along with a brand new mod, written from scratch (I know this because he was bemoaning the difficulties of it the whole happy way). To the untrained eye, it looks like e1m1rmx, but I'll leave the gameplay surprises to him to tell you. Either way, it's a great example of how mods should be done - with maps to go along with them. Ideally, one person wouldn't have to do it all himself. But what can I say? Lardarse is one bad mutha.

If you're travelling these new halls, but aren't quite happy with the old weapons, then Dr_Shadowborg has a little treat for you. It's a modification of the IKSPQ weapon pack, with a few new goodies in store. Grab it HERE.