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Quake - where only the polycounts are limited
2008-09-12 14:44:20 PDT - by Jehar
You know what rules? Quake rules. And that's Quake with a capital Q. You know why? Because it's not a one-trick wonder. Mods are cool. So are maps. But does it end there? Not by a long shot. I can (and frequently do) complain about how segregated the community can get, but when you take a step back and take a wide look at everything, it really is rather impressive. Here at Quake Expo, we've attempted to help make that a little more clear. During this last day of festivities, we don't want to leave you high and dry with nothing to look forward to. Even though the Expo may end for the year, everybody who contributed is still going to be working on their projects - whatever they may be. So here's a slice of what some people have gotten in for the last day:

The Director's Chair (Amon's booth) is something that's made me especially proud. It's not every day we get to mingle with machinima artists, especially ones as talented as Amon. I'd like to extend my personal gratitude towards him for making an appearance at the Expo, as it's added some wonderful diversity.
According to his booth, he's working on the next episode of Quake III TV (Think Robot Chicken in Quake), and promises to release it soon. Keep an eye out for some well-orchestrated laughs.
While we're the subject of diversity, I'd also like to give thanks to the :Lvl: guys for making a booth here. It's been under the radar, simply because he just came, made an awesome booth, and didn't really have to add much to the perfection. It's simply one of the most well-designed sites for Q3 map submissions, and a great encouragement to mappers.

Heading over to the nuts-and-bolts side of things, the persistent Motorsep has brought us an article detailing how to get models from Blender into the Quake engine. I've been getting more into Blender myself lately, and it's certainitly a blessing to us prospective modellers who have more talent then cash (unless you're willing to pirate Maya). This way, there are no licenses to worry about, so model away! I'd also like to thank Motorsep once again for being such an enthusiastic part of the Expo - and more importantly one that got me off my ass. Congratulations on your U.S. Citizenship!