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Open the mod flood gates!
2008-09-12 09:53:12 PDT - by Jehar
To everybody who's been salivating over tantalizing screenshots and demo reels this Expo, I'm proud to say that your time has come. At about this time, I'd suggest cancelling all of your activities this weekend so you can have the appropriate time to download and play everything that's become available. My fingers are itchy myself, so let's dive right in:

Yeah. It's here. It's really actually here. My axe is throbbing for the first release of daemon's script-heavy quake rpg. With my last mention of Feral, I think I embarrassed him a little by speaking so highly of the project's aspirations. With this release, however, the time is ripe to play the hell out of it and give him as much feedback as possible (maybe even give him a hand), and spur this thing on to perfection.
I think I can be totally satisfied swinging my axe around, playing with my inventory, and chopping dogs to bits. Err... or is the correct term "Harvesting"? Enough talk - go DOWNLOAD it!

What Contra lacked in blood, Arcade Quake more than makes up for. If you've been under a rock all Expo, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like - side-scrolling rocketry action. Plus a snazzy hud.
What more can I say? DOWNLOAD it, jump into a single player game (or hop on a server), and be ready for some insane gibtastic twitch gaming. I wonder if there's a spread shot?

I just love it when old mods are retooled and get a facelift. The result is usually very satisfying, polished, and just plain wonderful. What's more, it gives those who have missed the mod the first time around a chance to enjoy some really great work. Drake (formerly Dragons) looks to be no exception.
The creators kept a place for it in their hearts long after it's heyday had passed, and it looks like there's major headway being made towards giving it another shot. While there's no shortage of throw-everything-at-the-wall mods, this one looks like it brings some really unique items and flavor to the game. While the new fine-tuned version is still in the works, a little preview of the old Dragons mod is up for DOWNLOAD, so go check it out and keep an eye open for the new version.

Exceed Haven
Speaking of polish, Exceed Haven's creator blessed the Expo with a special update, just for us! In the spirit of balls-to-the-wall chaos, this is... well, from the sound of it, imagine if the DoomGuy from the comic made a Quake mod. That's how over the top this is. Fortunately, he also promises a stable and clean experience, with a minimal amount of bugs and weird behaviours.
So if you don't like fountains of gibs for the sake of shits and giggles, don't like guns that shoot ludicrous projectiles, hell, if you don't like Quake mods that CHANGE the game, then by all means step aside. The rest of us, well, we're gonna go PLAY