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Rolling With the Rockets
2008-09-11 09:31:31 PDT - by scar3crow
MauveBib bounces a corpse our way, and clutched within its cold dead grasp is a barely scratched disc containing Sagdoll 1.3. What is Sagdoll you may ask? It is what brought you the disc! Sagdoll is MauveBib's take on ragdolls using arcane magic and QuakeC trickery! To the left you can see a video of Sagdoll being implemented on a player.mdl.

This new version brings some vast improvements to the original Sagdoll, namely a nicely sagging player.mdl, implemented with Frikbot support, and QuakeMatt's dizzying gyro physics! For those unfamiliar with Sagdoll, though its not as physically accurate as ragdolls, its lack of a skeleton enables for dismembering which makes for a much more memorable deathmatch session! Remember kids, Frikbots are included.

MauveBib even has a few recommendations on how to play it in the readme, such as:
Play on a map with lots of Grunts e.g. E1M1, because all monster_army entities are replaced with civilians called Nigel. They stand still and wander about a bit. If you kill them they become Sagdolls. It works with any weapon, and the corpses stay manipulatable when on the ground. If you hit them with a few rockets or grenades, they'll start falling apart

Pile a few corpses up and chuck in a grenade
Set SLOWMO .1 in engines that support it
Set SV_GRAVITY 100 for moon deaths

Interested? Go check out MauveBib's booth and give it a download! You can also find another video in there showing off the great Nigel Massacre, largely in slow motion. Not interested? Get a sense of fun and head over to the booth!