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When the sun-wind pours
2008-09-08 20:05:46 PDT - by Jehar
We're getting down to the final stretches of the Expo, and we're starting to see some of the previously mentioned projects coming close to completion. Naturally, not all of them are going to make the deadline, but that's the point where I'd hope that people will venture out and stay in contact with the things they've seen here. We've certainly done our best to ensure that a wide variety of communities come into contact for the Expo, and on that note I'm particularly proud. It's up to you guys to carry that on afterwards, however. I have full faith in this however, because so many of these projects are simply too cool to pass up!

Though it hasn't been mentioned yet, OpenFortress really really excites me. In case the title is obscure to some, the project aims to combine the assests of Enemy Territory Fortress with the open ioQuake3 engine. The end result is a badass Team Fortress game that's totally standalone and free! These projects are usually plagued by a lack of content talent - but avirox actually got permission from the ETF modellers to use their assets, so it already looks awesome. This doesn't mean that the project is near the finish line, however, and he's put out a valiant call for help. If you've got the hankering to add something good to the world, this is definitely a good place to start.

Heading over to GoldenBoy's booth, the linux mappers out there have a good reason to stimulate their saliva glands - the ever-so-useful AguirRe q1bsp compiling tools have all been ported to linux! Binaries are available for download, as is metaphoric cake. Us linux-philes are used to having to do all the hard work ourselves, so when someone steps in and does something really handy for us, it always elicits a goofy smile. Thanks GoldenBoy!

Speaking of mapping, the Nexuiz Ninjas booth has a fresh and tasty link to a new map based on the Halo map Wizard. From my brief and ungratifying encounter with Halo, I remember that map as being rather decent for dueling - and it looks like the added speed of Nexuiz will make it even moreso. Head on over to their booth for the forum link and download.

With all of this rocket-filled bounty, how can one not smile at what the community is still doing? And the best part is, there is no end in sight. Frag on.