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What Gets Downloaded, Must Go Up
2008-09-03 09:18:41 PDT - by scar3crow
negke has released his towering vertical single player map. Clocking in at significantly taller than you, it features a very prominent z-axis, multiple routes including a choice as to whether you want to face puzzles, or traps, monsters galore in a Quothian style, and some rather interesting texture decisions.

Though not the largest Quake map (counting one rather insane exception), it is uniquely tall and mixes textures excellently, creating at a glance both a tech base and a medieval castle feel, while still finding space to use some blue brick, runic symbols, and mossy e1m3 stylings. Never mind the interesting 'rafter' designs, and the simple but great use of single sided door panels, even if the gameplay isn't to your taste, the map is a visual treat!

Head over to his booth and give it a download now!