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That way madness lies!
2008-09-02 09:26:00 PDT - by Jehar
The Expo is still going strong, and there's a veritable torrent (water kind, not protocol kind) of new stuff flooding in just about every day. Grab a surfboard and come with me...

Speedmodding and Speedmapping events are still plugging away, and this means a good stream of new and quirky toys to play with in your Quake sandbox. The Melee speedmod event is still underway, and contestants still have a few hours left in which to get in their submissions. This time around, expect to be slapped around with all manner of spiked, plumed, and rocket-encrusted blunt objects. Sajt makes a mark in his booth with a few screenies from his Wrasslin (think Rocky with a good dose of hallucinogens) mod - and it's already up for download!

The Warsow booth is up and running now, and sporting some slick arty projects from fans of the Quake 2-based pro-centric vector-fest. I'm especially curious about the player model in the banner, which I can't find reference to anywhere else... it's certainly one of the better models I've seen in a while (or maybe I just really like the way that the Q2 grunt is proportioned...) Anywho, check out the booth and check out the servers - especially if you're into some unique trickjumping. One last note - it's interesting how Warsow allows both Q2-style strafejumping and QWPK movement as well, in a cvar no less. This allows for different movement styles among players in the same server. Groovy.

MegaTF Coop is making a push to bring back some good old fashioned relaxing coop - with a few bags of crack-encrusted Sweet Tarts thrown in. It seems they are going for the throw-everything-at-it-and-bollocks-to-sanity attitude. At least that's what the screenshot of the baseball bat lends me to believe. Later tonight I'll have had the chance to have a more in-depth look. At any rate, jump in the servers and be there when I get there, because I do love some company.

On the interview side of things, we've got a couple new ones up - one with the duo behind Arcade Quake, and another with the Travail team. Go check them out!