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My cause is just... my will is strong...
2008-08-27 17:18:40 PDT - by Jehar
I am currently standing (well, sitting) in awe at the Quake community at large. It's easy to let ourselves box ourselves in to a specific forum or server farm and start thinking that there isn't much significant going on beyond those virtual walls. If Quake Expo is anything (and I'll bet my fiancee's lingerie that it is!), it's a place to look past and even tear down those walls.

Just from looking at today's booth updates, I'm seeing a huge variety of projects that take the same technology and apply it to exceedingly varied projects.

First of all, I want to call attention to The Director's Chair, run by Amon, who has been doing some Quake 3 machinima. Personally, I've wanted to do a Quake 2 machinima comedy for some time, and it's nice seeing somebody has similar ideas. Everybody, check out the Quake 3 TV video for some rocket-flavored laughs! I'll for sure be checking in on this booth constantly, looking for some more awesome work. I'd like to point out that the raw camerawork that he's been doing is superior to that found in many frag videos I've seen lately :P

On a completely different paradigm, UFO Alien Invasion brings some turn-based tactical stylings to the expo. So far past a Quake 2 mod, this ambitious project uses the GPL'd source to use the engine to it's fullest - all to revive an old favorite, no less! I really gotta hand it to developers these days when they can manage to get a healthy team together, complete with artists. If you've got a hankering for a God's-eye-view and some global alien warfare, check out their current release!

I'm sure that there are a whole lot of people eagerly awaiting the release of Arcade Quake, including me. For those who have been sitting in an empty server for the past week, Arcade Quake promises to bring deathmatch to "2d" in the slickest, fastest, and bloodiest way possible! The bad news is that I still have to wait a little longer more, but the good thing is that a release is promised in the very near future! The hud is looking slicker, the maps more Escher-esque, and the meat... meatier! Whatever praise I can garnish it with will be inadequate with simply looking at the project itself, so go check it out!

That's not even all that's going on, so hop on the Booth Updates page and fill your head and hard drive with the bountiful treasures within. The really neat thing is that the booths are still going up, and there's no real sign of the torrential flood slowing down! Either Shub is on that time of the month, or the Quake community just plain rules.

I'm really in favor of it being the latter.