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Fantasytastic splatterfeasts!
2008-08-25 11:52:23 PDT - by goldenboy
Speedmapping event number 2 has finished with 5 singleplayer maps from lurker, negke, Omus, text_fish and zwiffle! The theme was "City in a forest" and most of the contestants seemed to go for the LOTR-style "Lothlorien" setting, with the city actually in the trees. Find out more and download the maps at the speedmapping booth.
Something else I found interesting, especially after we just had the little Roguelike discussion, is the D & D done Quake project which tries getting Quake content into the world of Dungeons and Dragons. So you can play a space marine and battle it out with the monsters using your d20 and character sheet in that classic role playing game. It's just another interesting link which goes from Quake via D & D to Lovecraft and Lord of the Rings, ie classic fantasy. Wazat is open to suggestions and contributions.