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GlobalGamers brings the Frags!
2008-08-25 10:22:02 PDT - by Jehar
If you've been starving for some QExpo community fragfests, this is going to be the week for you! GlobalGamers is heading up a couple mini-tournaments in both Action Quake 2 and Paintball 2, which are both totally awesome Quake 2 mods.
You can find all the details at the GlobalGamers booth, but here are some of the basics:

Action Quake 2- Wednesday the 27th at 9pm Eastern on ( Your goal will be to simply to kill ButtaKnife more than anybody else - all for the sake of a iD Steam Pack!

PaintBall 2- 4v4 tournament (register) kicking off this weekend (more details to follow soon. So in the meantime, sign up and warm up your balls!

Also, GlobalGamers is looking to offer some Quake Live beta invites over in their #quakeexpo channel on their network. Simply head over to their booth - their in-booth irc client will take your straight there!