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Fishing for memories
2008-08-24 14:18:15 PDT - by Lardarse
The first speedmodding session has ended, with two mods for Quake by daemon and Patrick Martin, and a mod for Quake 2 by Peewee. See the speedmodding page for more information, and to download them.

Matthias Worch, famous in the Quake community for Beyond Belief, a single player episode that received 10,000 downloads in the first week and ended up getting him a foot in the door in the games industry, is making a new map. So far, he's only released one screenshot at his booth, and he's not sure when it's going to be finished, but it's still awesome news. Spirit has also released another batch of interviews, which includes Matthias, and takes his total to 16 now.

The first screenshots for Open Fortress have been released. XavioR does admit that it's still very similar to its origins, but he and his team are working on things. And they're still looking for help.

And finally for now, Superstitious has released a new version of his Midair mod for QuakeWorld, which has some new stat-related features. I think I might just try it after I finish writing this...