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A poetic update
2008-08-21 09:32:18 PDT - by goldenboy
I'd like to take the opportunity to announce that QExpo 2008 now has over 50 booths and it's still growing. Most of you are probably still digesting the huge amount of new maps, mods, engines, interviews, tutorials, previews, reviews, music, poetry and eyecandy.
Wait, poetry? Sure. Just take a look at Madfox's new booth. Poetry in words and pictures. I won't spoil everything, so head over there. Two other mappers also set up shop, Tronyn, who's got previews of his upcoming projects as well as the top 10 Elder World maps list, and ijed, who talks a bit about the Quake 1 remake project and gives a sneak peek at his maps in progress.
One thing everybody forgot to mention so far: There is a Quake 2 mapping contest hosted by the Quake 2 Cafe. The theme is deathmatch maps, and the deadline so far is Septemper 12th. Reliable sources say QExpo has some more events coming up, so stay tuned.
We have a release to announce today: Error has uploaded his Darkplaces minimod called "Bounce", which is up for grabs here. See if you can beat Error's own score of 280,000!
For the intellectuals among us (I'm taking suggestions...) there is new stuff to read: Havoc continues remaking "Basement" for Nexuiz; Urre has an introduction to Client Side Quake C, which is a pretty interesting read; the MegaTFCoop guys put up a comprehensive(?) changelog, which is also interesting to look at.
In other news, Berserker promised to fix the broken download link "very soon"; Eltrollo posted new screenies of Q2KAOS, and gb upped a Q1 wallpaper for you.