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At some point the Flesh became implied...
2008-08-21 00:22:22 PDT - by Jehar
Quake and MMO's have had an interesting and often bumpy history. Originally intended to be the first true persistent 3d game world, Quake's focus has obviously shifted since the infamous advertisement in Commander Keen. Now, with the source code and the powers within the community, the potential to realize the original intent of Quake is now very real. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want Quake to be any other way - unless it was a totally bad-ass mod. Feral (previously Feral Flesh), in development by daemon, steps up to this challenge admirably. In the past, I erroneously said that all Quake is is a Roguelike in realtime. A bit of a shallow statement, I know, but there are still certain similarities between these two spheres that the mod hopes to bring gracefully together.

For one thing, both games emphasize the fact that you're alone in an alien environment... and your imminent death is a very real possibility. Quake has always acted in kind; I have no doubt that we all remember our first run-in with a Shambler (or worse for me in some ways- a tight room and a Demon). There's also the sheer variety of foes; ascii lends itself well to randomized on-the-fly monsters. I believe daemon may have a few of similar surprises in store in that department. Then there's loot of course - I think the pleasure gained from finding the +8 Flaming Sickle is at least comparable to that which is gained from grabbing the Lightning Gun. Now, in Feral, we see the possibility of... perhaps a Lightning Sickle?

Keep in mind that none of these things are promised in the current version, or even are expected to appear for some time. Alphas and Betas are the perfect times to dream, and that's all I'm doing at the moment.
For now, you'll have to suffice with swinging around some equipment and cutting dogs into little yummy pieces.
At any rate, I like axes, I like loot, and I like Quake. Look to Feral to provide plenty of all of the above.

While you're waiting for the hoped-for download of the mod, sate yourself with this juicy interview, conducted by motorsep!