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Going sightseeing
2008-08-20 07:09:12 PDT - by goldenboy
If anyone could get them to stand still for a moment... taking this group photo would be SO much easier! Well! News have been picking up a bit slowly, but it's finally here: The big cohesive news update everybody has been waiting for ... I hope. I'll do my very best to give you an impression of just what all these people are building in there.
Let's start with the events we've got running!
Global Gamers is hosting a Photoshop contest, an Action Quake 2 challenge, and a Paintball2 tournament. So far, you can win gift certificates and an id Super Pack with all id games! Speaking of Paintball 2, happy 10th birthday to you!
The registration to the Alien Arena Aliens for Animals 1 on 1 tournament is still open. The prize pot is apparently $500 heavy.
The next Quake 1 speedmapping event is running; the theme is "City in a forest". The deadline is August 25th.
Next up, some people are looking for help with their projects:
Spirit of Quaddicted is still looking for some long-lost maps; check your harddrives everybody! Open Fortress is looking for qualified coders, mappers, testers and artists - take a look if it's the right job for you. Speaking of Quaddicted, they have some interviews with several mappers for your reading pleasure. Spirit also has some coop servers running.
More reading food for you:
An interview with motorsep of the Prophecy project here at QExpo's interviews page; some top ten lists of Quake 1 maps in the various themes at Underworldfan's, kindly done by Tronyn; and erc has a log with comments on all the Quake maps he played over the years.
Dr. Shadowborg has two QuakeC tutorials for you, while st3ady has one about getting models from 3DSMax into Quake.
We have some enhanced Quake 2 engines for your railing pleasure:
Quake2xp looks like the more civil one (civil, in this context, is relative) while Berserker Q2 seems to go all out with the graphics. Screenies galore for all your eyecandy needs - don't forget to blink. I know I left out some other candidates here, I hope to see some more of Quake2World and Q2KAOS. - Don't forget you can play Q2 online with the demo and the latest patch.
If you're more interested in playing Quakeworld online, check those out:
Thunderwalker CTF is alive and kicking with weekly scheduled games; get the details at their booth. Mega TF Coop is a mod that allows coop play using the TF classes in Quake 1 singleplayer maps. Finally, Superstitious' QW Midair has a server waiting for you. - Don't have Quakeworld? Head over to Nquake.
In other news, multipurpose artist distrans released two music tracks dedicated to, umm, well-known Quake personalities. Check them out at his booth. I'd also like to say hi to the Nexuiz booth - now in 3D :-) And while we're there, Havoc has an interesting article about remaking Nexuiz maps.
Finally, Error of the Realms of Quake booth has announced the release of a minimod he's working on.
I know I've not covered everything; look for any missing links in the weekly roundup.