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No, Bones, it's not.
2008-08-19 11:02:14 PDT - by goldenboy
Hey! I'm another one of these poor news rookies who didn't run fast enough. Anyway! How many times have we heard that Quake is dead? Too many times! I hope that a whopping 24 new Quake 1 maps are enough to make anyone think twice about that.
With 13 maps, the biggest chunk comes from Abyss of Pandemonium: The Final Mission 2.0. Two single player episodes tall, this classic almost-missionpack has been polished up and rerendered in enough ways to make it run well, play well, and look well! Thanks to John Xmas' relentless pestering, this lost gem - that almost became Quake Mission Pack number 3 - was recovered and carefully bugfixed, improved, and even relit (!) to bring it up to spec. It runs in any modern Quake engine and features a pile of new monsters, weapons and gadgets. Best of all, it's free (as in beer)! Welcome back, Abyss of Pandemonium!
The second largest chunk is Tronyn's half-legendary opus magnum, Soul of Evil: Indian Summer, which took several years to finish! The pack contains five epic maps which will only run in the bolder engines out there, like Bengt Jardrup's enhanced GLQuake. (Did I just pimp it?) Tronyn doesn't have a booth yet *tap tap tap*, so you'll need to head over to the thread at func_msgboard to take in the screenies and grab the goodies! Sneaky guy!
Next up, (I'm not finished yet), equally legendary mapper and Quoth co-author Necros brings us two superb Quake 1 single player maps. One of which is a gargantuan underground castle-city dressed in Undule's RTGnosis textures (the same set that Glassman used for his masterpiece Day of The Lords) and crawling with the notorious Quoth monsters, by the name of The Living End. The other being intended as a coop map (Quoth allows for coop-specific gameplay tweaks) and coming in the shape of a rather impressive evil-filled Elder World Waystation, an outpost on the road to chaos. These maps are really great, don't miss them or you'll miss out on something. Necros' booth is this way.
Four more Quake 1 single player maps popped into existence when QExpo 08's first speedmapping event finished. The theme was "dreamscape", and the relentless brush-slinging was done this time by negke, rudl, text_fish and zwiffle. Grab the pack at the speedmapping booth.
To be duly noted: If you're asking yourself, "which of the bazillion Quake engines should I use to play this map?", fear not, it is easy. Most maps run well in Fitzquake, while the more extreme ones require the above mentioned enhanced GLQuake or Darkplaces. If you're on a Linux or Unix system, try Darkplaces or TyrQuake. MacOSX users should grab Darkplaces or the Fruitz of Dojo engine.
The popular Quoth mod, which recently saw an update to version 2.1, is HERE.
Any more questions? None? Good. Grab the stuff.