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Insert Coins to Frag!
2008-08-19 09:23:47 PDT - by scar3crow
Jehar informed me this morning that I was granted the honor of having posting access to QExpo08, so with the tiny tiny snippet of free time I have at this moment, I will do what I can to help out, and I will do such with individual posts highlighting a specific booth.
This first highlight goes to the Razorwind Games booth which features Quake Arcade, and Q3Map2.

Quake Arcade is exactly as it sounds (deathmatch video to the left, higher resolutions available via avi within the booth as downloads), and looks quite nifty. The action seems just as fast as Quake's, with a great visual depth, yet still functionally two dimensional. Using the DarkPlaces engine, the use of particles are quite nice, the lighting is smooth, and architecture politely and smoothly fades out of the way of your camera so as to circumvent the question of function versus form.

Two things are of interest in this video to me, and that is the directional aiming and the use of explosions. It appears you can only fire in eight directions, which makes me wonder if this is a limitation of frames, or a design choice to bring it back to more old school sidescrollers, versus the fluid aiming system we saw with Crack Dot Com's Abuse game. The difference would be quite significant as it appears in the video, a vital part of your strategy is to get far enough away from your opponent to line them up with the diagonal shot (and thus single axis rushing is a strong defense, particularly from explosives and lightning). I'm not sure how one could solve the animation problem, but I would imagine a floating cursor perhaps done in CSQC which acts as an entity that the player controlled bot always fires towards could work out - of course, like in Abuse, would you be able to fire backwards while running forwards?

The other element is one which reminds me of many Q3A battles, explosive damage clipping through brushes. I don't know if this is a method in the explosion code, or the way the brushes are constructed or some other arcane magic, but it certainly makes sure the rocket launcher is just as much a force to be reckoned with in Arcade Quake as it is in Quake.

Q3Map2 is a less visually exciting addition to the booth, but holds great potential as its main goal is to make q3bsps more usable for engines which support q3bsp such as DarkPlaces. You can read a whole slew of features it boasts in the booth, and also check out the high quality movies of Arcade Quake, along with some screenshots previewing the single player action here!