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Tastes as good as a Soul...sphere
2008-08-09 21:57:30 PDT - by Jehar
There's good cause to be excited. Since the site has gone up, we've been recieving all sorts of kindness and offerings from the most unlikely of sources! This means that those of you who have gone forth and proclaimed the name of Quake Expo have something to feel proud of, because I really have no idea where some of these people have come from.

Even before booth registration had begun, plenty of people were coming in and setting up early! Now, with 6 whole days of registration left to go, there are TWENTY-TWO booths up already.

For anyone reading this who doesn't have a booth yet, there's *no* reason why you shouldn't! Any inkling of an idea, a contribution, an event, an anything, go ahead and *do* it. You'll receive the appreciation of everyone here. Hell, you might have to do all this yourself next time. Oops, didn't mean to scare anyone off. Speaking of contributions, look forward to Buggles' coverage of the Expo, as well as some exciting prospects from Global Gamers for perhaps some gaming tournaments and/or prize donations!