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Don't tell the Shambler about that one night.
2008-08-07 12:59:22 PDT - by Jehar

We're looking for help in publisizing Quake Expo! Take the announcement post and throw it just about everywhere you can! Your Ad HereAfter all this trouble, we sure want this year to be a big one. Also, if you'd like to host an event, make cupcakes, or whatever, feel free to let us know - we're *always* on (even when we don't want to be) irc, so hit the link to your left to come bug me!
We're looking to pump up the mapping contests, deathmatch tourneys, speedmodding, speedmopping, speedbaking, and Sexy Shambler Photoshop competitions!
By the way, we've got about a dozen people fiddling around with their booths already! There's plenty of time to get yours in, so make something juicy :D