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2008-08-05 17:52:38 PDT - by Jehar
The site is live and running at qexpo.tastyspleen.net - news posts and old booths have been cleared, logins work, making new booths work, etc. There are still a lot of tiny niggles to sort out, but I'd say that the site is at 95% operation.
Regarding Echon - even if he is now available and willing to help, I think it'd be best for everyone and a whole lot less stressful if we kept the hosting that tastyspleen (railwolf and quadz) have so graciously provided. They have truely saved our asses this year, and it'd be good if everyone recognizes that. Many people have jumped in during the final hours and have pulled off their own heroics, and the site is now working in the state it is because of these people. I'll provide more detail on these individuals when I can pay more attention to it and not accidentally skip anybody.
So, on with the Plans:

You're still allowed to futz around and put your booth in now, but be willing to encounter the odd bug every once in a while.

August 15th - QUAKE EXPO BEGINS!!
This will be the OFFICIAL opening date of all the booths - keep them private until then.

For the intervening week, we want to see lots of people talking about quake expo, getting people on with their booths, and spreading the word as much as possible. This year has been one of unfortunate absences, miscommunications, and some genuinely bad luck. But we're here. Hopefully you are too.