Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
What is QExpo?

QExpo is akin to E3 - only it features the modders and enthusiasts of a persistent, flexible, and strong series of games. For a few weeks QExpo offers a chance to all diehard fans of these three Quakes to express their dedication in a myriad of forms.

More specifically, QExpo is a virtual convention. In the days prior to and during the event, people may register to create their own virtual booth, customized to showcase their Quake related content. People often get very colorful with these booths, featuring "booth babes", comics, short works of fiction, long works of fiction, screenshots, and of course mods, maps and engines.

Birthed out of the Inside3d forums and catalyzed by CocoT, the first QExpo was setup in 2001 by Horn, Nane and JBallou, graciously assisted by FrikaC, LTH, Akuma, and Koolio. It returned once more in 2003 by many of the same people, including FrikaC, Quest, and SantaClaws. For 2005 it was hosted by MauveBib, Wazat, SantaClaws and Echon, and featured for the first time the inclusion of Quake II.

As a long-term, overarching goal, Quake Expo could be seen as a bi-yearly check-in for the community, showcasing what people have been up to, what they'd like to be doing, and who they could possibly be doing it with. As modern games get more and more complex from a modding standpoint, games like Doom and Quake still allow a whole lot of flexibility and a gentle learning curve for people who want to get into game design or programming. Besides that, there's a decade-plus of previous experience to learn from, not to mention play through and enjoy - because let's face it, Quake Rocks!
Who's behind QExpo?

In 2006, QExpo was run by scar3crow for general oversight and news, with Sajt as co-administrator and PHP 'savior', hosting generously provided by Echon, and assistance in a menagerie of methods from a variety of people across the community. The site design was created by Randy.

In previous Expos, contributors included Horn, Nane, JBallou, CocoT, FrikaC, LTH, SantaClaws, Akuma, Koolie, MauveBib, Harbish, Wazat and Ghostface as well as many others.

What makes this QExpo different from past ones?

This year, more effort is being made to bring several Quake communities together - and this year's hosting is a good example of this ideal, since tastyspleen.net is unoficially the largest and most cohesive Quake II community in the United States. Quadz and Railwolf have been earnest in providing the host, and assisting in getting the site set up. Other major thanks go out to Willis for helping update the php, as well as several others who have made this year possible. Jehar is the general go-to guy, and is doing his best to keep his head above the water.

Where can I find archives of past QExpos?

Unfortunately, archives of QExpo 2001 and 2003 are mostly lost, although fragments can be dug up on internet archive sites. QExpo 2005 is fully intact and can be accessed here. Also, the Quake Expo site can (currently) still be reached at this location.

Why should I make a booth?

Are you a programmer, a modeller, a mapper, a designer, or even someone who just really likes to connect air rockets? We don't care if you're from Quakeworld, Quake 2, Quake III, Alien Arena, or any other quake-derived game\engine - we want to hear from you! Contrary to popular belief, most of the Quake crowd are actually pretty cool (not to mention productive) people. Put your latest model in the booth, your latest song, your work-in-progress map, or even a simple ad telling people who you are! The point here is collaboration and community - and it's hard collaborating when everyone who knows quakec stays in one hole, and everyone who models stays in another hole. Believe us, we've seen it happen time and time again. So come one, come all, and enjoy the warm loving of our rockets!

Why aren't Quake IV or other newer games included?

As newer games are released, people who play and mod games for fun move on, leaving behind a small, laid-back core of people who love the game for what it is. We feel that Quake IV will need some time until the recreational fans are separated from the true fans. Also, countless amounts of sites are dedicated to brand new games, leaving older games in the dust. We hope to represent these games and give them the respect and the publicity they still deserve.