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QExpo 2008 Speedmodding session 1
Start Date: 2008-08-21 12:00:00 PDT
End Date: 2008-08-24 12:00:00 PDT

There has been some request for speedmodding in #qexpo, and since no-one else has mentioned anything, I'm gonna try to co-ordinate some.

Speedmodding is where people use their knowledge of the inner workings of the game code to create something interesting in a short amount of time (typically 24 hours or slightly longer, as opposed to the weeks or months that it can take to make a full modification), then share them with each other and the community. They can range from just applying the idea to the base game in a relatively subtle way, to creating something completely wacky that could almost resemble a minigame. It's about enjoying the process of modding, experimenting with new ideas, seeing how other people realize a certain theme, or just for exercise, without the pressure to create something perfect. There will likely be three speedmodding events during QExpo this year, and unlike previous speedmodding events, they will be open to any of the first three Quakes.

To participate, simply create a mod, package up all of the files required to play it, add a quick description (including who made it, how to play it, and which Quake the mod is for), then either e-mail it to me (shrapnel * city & gmail * com - replace the punctuation as appropriate) or give me a link so that I can download it. You can do this either by e-mail, or find me (Lardarse) in #qexpo and other selected IRC channels. Questions, comments, and suggestions for future themes can be sent to me in the same way.

Those that are paying attention to this year's QExpo may recognise most of the above description.
This session's theme is FISH!

A tough theme to start with, I know. But you'll think of something. You have until 12pm PDT (9pm CET) on Sunday to finish your mod and send it to me. That's just under 72 hours from the date of this announcement. Good luck!