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Quake 2 Mapping Contest - Hosted by Quake 2 Cafe
Start Date: 2008-08-08 00:00:00 PDT
End Date: 2008-09-12 00:00:00 PDT

Official Forum
1 - Maps have to be completed by September 12, 2008. (This date is subject to change) and submitted to the Head Judge.
2 - As long as we get at least 5 mappers signed up, the contest is on.
3 - Maps have to be new, not old touched up maps and the map has to be created so that it can be played on the original Quake 2. A Deathmatch map.
4 - You can use custom textures, env. & sound files may be used in this contest.
5 - The map shall be designed for use without a hook. That way it can be played by any MOD.
6 - Mappers shall submit the finished maps in the form of a zip file and files must be pointed towards your C:Quake2baseq2 (or equal) directory for easy installation. Judges should not have to guess where files should go.
7 - Mappers must supply Head Judge a download link or zip file for the maps on the completion date.
8 - All mappers will keep their maps secret until the deadline (no screen-shots of the maps shall be shared with the public until all maps are released). At that point, the download links or zip files will be supplied to Head Judge in a private message. This way, the maps will all be released to the judges on the same day. At that point, Head Judge will forward all of the download links or zip files to the judges by private message or email.
9 - At this point the judges will have 1 week to test the maps. Then they will send Head Judge their results through email.
10 – Head Judge will then post the results on the Café. Every judges scores will be made public.
11 - Depending on how things go, the deadline may be pushed back in order to get everything done.
12 - Judges will also keep the maps secret until the end of the contest.
13 - Judges will score the maps on a 0 to 10 scale on the different categories, selected by the Café. Judges will then give the results to Head Judge at the end of the contest.
14 - In the event of a tie, each map will share that position. So we could end up with 2 first place maps or 2 second place maps, etc.
These rules should be followed by mappers and judges.
If anyone breaks these rules you could be disqualified from the contest.