Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
Coop Changelog

Here are the changes to MegaTF Coop since May of this year; Yikes do I need a life!

- New Pyro Weapon: The Chainsaw - as long as players have nails, the chainsaw rapidly inflicts large amounts of damage on monsters
- Added Ricochet Rocket Upgrade: Make rockets bounce off walls 5 times, each time triggering an explosion (thx Gizmo for the ricochet code)
- Added Uber Railgun Upgrade: Makes the engineer railgun more akin to quake 2/3's power-wise
- Players start out with three "slots" in which they can store items. Items can be acquired through Item Pickups, buying from merchants, and trading with other players.
- Inventory/gold information can be accessed through "CMD inv" in the console. "CMD inv #" will use the specified item #
- Players collect gold from dead monster bodies (which glow red). Gold can be used to buy items from merchants
- Gold that is "dropped" by monsters is reserved for the player that deals the killing blow to the monster for 10 seconds. After that, it's free for all.
- Merchants buy and sell items from players. They spawn randomly throughout maps that contian monsters. There are three types of merchants which sell players different types of items:
*- The QuakeGuy Merchant: A veteran traveler of the slipgates. He sells various common powerups such as quad, pent, and invisibility rings
*- The Weapons Merchant: An enforcer gone rogue from the legions of quake. He now deals weapons to the highest bidder. Weps merch sells upgrades for the rocket launcher and railgun, as well as various other weapons and grenades upgrades.
*- The Shambler Merchant: A merchant who deals in the mystical realm of powerups. Shambler merchants tend to sell runes and various rare items.
- Merhcants sell carry baskets (or Pickup Items) which players can use to pick up items that monsters drop. The Pickup Item is stored in their inventory until it is used.
- Players can now play BlackJack at any of the merchants. The amount of money each merchant can deal is dependent on their type (qg/weps/shammy).
- Players acquire "Master Skills" once they have spent 7 points in one attribute. Master Skills will be related to the individual attributes in some way to bolster or enhance their effects either directly or through an additional player command.
- Health Master Skill: Healing Aura - Heals all players nearby and gives the healer experience points for each healed player.
- The Plague Zombie - An infectious zombie which can bring the plague upon any player who's unlucky enough to be the target of one of its flying gibs
- Added voting system for exit: If a player tries to exit and not all monsters are killed, a vote will start to see if the other players want to leave the map
- CMD votenext (or CMD votenextmap): allows players to specify the map that will be played after the current round is finished. A menu will pop up for all other players in the game specifying the next proposed map.
- CMD voteuse: triggers the entity in front of the player who calls the vote
- View "CMD help vote" ingame for complete voting options information
- New monster entity properties: .lives & .respawn_time from prozac customtf
- Added back in the "func_spawn" entity from Hipnotic
- Maps coop2ft5 and harde1m1 exp gain capped somewhat
- Small fix for harde1m1 (gold key falling out of the map)
- Added new server cvar: monster_expmultiplier. The amount of exp gained by killing monsters is multiplied by this value. When set to 0, exp multiplier defaults to 1.
- Players that idle in class select for more than 2 and a half minutes are sent to spectator mode automatically
- Fixed bug where jumping minions would get stuck
- Minions can no longer be tranquilized by allied players
- Minion AI has been improved so that they are more aggressive/responsive to threats
- Forced spectator mode for players that are kicked and on which "spectator 1" has no effect
- Minions no longer drop gold
- Spy gas grenades do a little less extra damage (+30=>+25)
- Flawless run bonuses are now determined by the monsters that are killed
- Elemental monsters appear a little more frequently now
- Anti-exploit: Players can no longer suicide right after throwing a secondary grenade
- Players can no longer move the merchant with the Gravity Gun
- Dead monsters no longer effect monster-triggered entities
- Quickshot no longer effects gravity gun rate of fire
- Players can now be resurrected near items and backpacks
- EXP gain in flawless runs is less for maps with less than 30 monsters
- Sniper can now inflict localized damage to monsters with the sniper rifle: Head shots do a great deal of damage, and leg shots slow monsters down
- Added a limit to what level you need to be to spend attribute points on damage
- Added "masters" help section to "CMD help"
- Inventory stats for players now stored in ranks/inv/ folder
- Fixed func_monsterkill death messages
- Disabled minisentry
- Peekaboo wav disabled (in favor of new chainsaw wav)
- Fixed telefrag message (monsters no longer get killed by mvdsv..)
- Monsters no longer get frags for telefragging players
- Added telefrag message for when monsters telefrag players
- "fixed" radius spam crash again (thx for crashing my server all the time ade ;/)
- Players that use "saveme" while dead display a resurrect menu to nearby living players
- Air monsters now give bonus exp
- trigger_changelevel can now be trigger exited ala prozac customtf coop (Gizmo)