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XavioR's MegaTF Coop Booth

9/10/08: Trickle and st3ady have whipped up a new VWEP model for MegaTF Coop: The Sniper Rifle! Check it out with the other VWEP pics below, and don't forget to see them first-hand in one of the supported MTF Coop servers listed in the booth!

9/1/08: Check out my QuakeC tutorial on adding VWEPS to your quakeworld mod.

8/28/08: I found that I forgot to include a config file with important settings to the MegaTF Coop server config pack. This has been resolved and the new pack can be downloaded here. For those of you who don't want to change your existing configs, just add the following lines to the bottom of server.cfg:
localinfo telepads 1
localinfo tesla 0
samelevel 0
timelimit 0
deathmatch 0
coop 1
skill 3
map hipstart

More news and new updates are coming up, so keep an eye on the MegaTF Coop booth and of course an keep eye on this amazing year @ Quake Expo! :)

8/23/08: More VWEP pictures ala Trickle

8/21/08: VWEP support for MegaTF & Coop!

Make it so.. biotch!

View the 8/20/08 Changelog!

What is MegaTF Coop?

MegaTF Coop is a cooperative mod which emphasizes class-based teamplay with RPG elements in a Team Fortress-meets-Quake-1 environment. The same 9 classes that have been in Team Fortress and MegaTF have been tweaked and rebalanced to allow a team supportive environment in the Quake 1 single player missions, as well as several user and retail expansion packs. The mod also utilizes a modified MVDSV server engine which allows faster downloads, more entities, more maps, and more great features for clients supporting the FTE client extensions. Players also have the ability to gain experience points, level up, spend attribute points, collect gold, and buy/sell items - all stored on the server as static properties for each player! Monsters are tougher and use advanced AI borrowed from several mods (nehahra, travail). As a single mod, MegaTF coop also supports various popular quake 1 mods like Beyong Belief, Nehahra, and the recently released masterpiece Travail.

Key Features:
- Support for all Quake 1 Single Player & Cooperative levels and many mods (see below for a complete list)
- 9 different team-supporting classes with their own abilities and weaponry a la MegaTF United and other various Fortress mods
- 9 different attributes such as Health, Armor, and Quick Shot, which players can spend points in as they gain levels
- MMORPG-like persistent stats for player level, experience, gold, inventory, and more!
- Monsters with various power-ups like Quad Damage, Invisibility, and Megahealth. Also elemental monsters like fire and water with strengths/weaknesses
- Last Man Standing game mode where players have a certain amount of lives in which they must battle off hordes of constantly spawning monsters
- Enhanced Quakeworld MVDSV server which allows up to 256 visible entities at a time (as opposed to standard 64), over 2000 total entities, and up to 125kb/s download rates for clients that support FTE extensions
- Players can customize their skins after they reach level 10 to personalize their characters

What do I need in order to play?

To play megatf coop, all you need is a QuakeWorld client. Modern QuakeWorld clients such as FTE and EZQuake are suggested for the best gameplay experience, as well as supplying enhanced visuals. Also these clients allow for quick downloading from servers supporting FTE client extensions. If you don't have quake installed or want to keep a seperate install for Team Fortress, the NQuake package is highly suggested. You can download NQuake here. Just join one of the following servers and the files you need will download automatically:
[Amnesia] MegaTF Co-Op Server: (location: USA)
[MegaTF]TF United COOP *Get Gold* [mtfcoop.orz.hm]: (location: JAP)
[Aurora] MegaTF Co-Op Server +exp: (location: GER)

How can I host a server?

Hosting a MegaTF Coop server is pretty simple; you need to use the MVDSV XE server release specific to your operating system (both linux and windows are supported). In order to host a server:
1) You will need the MVDSV XE server. This goes in your main Quake folder (NOT in /fortress). The server binaries for windows and linux can be downloaded here.
2) You will need the models/sounds that go with the mod. Most of these are from stock team fortress and megatf content. However, there are several new models and sounds unique to MegaTF Coop. The easiest way to acquire these are to connect and download them from one of the aforementioned servers. Most of the new models and sounds can also be downloaded here.
3) Download the latest qwprogs.dat and place it in your /fortress folder.
4) Download the MegaTF Coop Server Config Package, extract it to your /fortress folder and and edit it to your likings.
5) Launch the server with the parameter "+gamedir fortress", make sure to load your server's config, and then load up your favorite Quake 1 singleplayer/coop maps!

What mission packs/mods does MegaTF Coop support?

Currently MegaTF Coop supports the following maps/mods/mps:
Quake 1 Retail
Quake 1 Mission Pack 1
Quake 1 Mission Pack 2
Beyond Belief
The Marcher Fortress

Got comments or feedback? Post them here!

Quake Expo 2008 Coop Events:
Day 1 - 3 - Various new info, videos, screenshots and release notes, as well as info on upcoming features =)
Day 4 + - Various competitions and in-game goodies on the Amnesia server!

MegaTF Coop Credits::
The Original Team Fortress Team - For making QWTF in the first place :)
Ambush - Original programmer/coder of MegaTF
XavioR (avirox) - MegaTF United/CE/Coop Lead Programmer
Misery - Amnesia Server Host (hosting my crazy mods for 3+ years :))
The Gizmo - Gravity Gun & Various Code from Creator's Dream/Prozac Coop
Adeyo - Maps/models and testing
Trickle - VWEPs
SuperStitious - Code Contribution
st3ady - Booth logo and models
The rest of the MegaTF contributors since 1999..