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QEXPO'08 Booth


August 30th - We have a winner for the Transloquake Mapping Competition!!!

Entar, who offered the one and only entry to the competition has officially been announced the winner yesterday and, as we speak, is already the happy owner of a copy of Team Fortress 2! As I explained on this I3D thread, while I would have wished that more people had tried their luck in this competition, I am really happy that the only map that made it at the deadline is one of such quality and one that is, in my opinion, bound to become a Transloquake classic! Congratulations, Entar!!! :)

For those of you who are working on a map but couldn't finish it on time (I know it is the case for some of you ;)) or those of you who were thinking about making one but just couldn't find the time, rest assured, you are going to be given a second chance. Since there is still one game to give away, there will be a "second part" to this competition, whose deadline should give you plenty of time! I will also release before the new deadline an update prog.dat containing additional tools to help mappers creating more Transloquake-related tricks! More info about that soon.
Until then, enjoy this screenshot and make sure to download Transloquake Demo2 and Entar's Sky Castle!

August 27th - Well, as you could guess, I haven't been able to finish my "City in a forest" map on time. University work has kept me extremely busy and I just couldn't afford spending more time on it than I did. Here below is a screenshot of its latest state. It's actually kind of cool, even though I would probably have to work on lowering FPS before making any of it public... I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with. Maybe I'll release it one day as a DM map, maybe I'll convert it to a Transloquake map (more likely) :)

August 18th - City in a forest! Swamped as I am with work, I don't know if I can make it to the deadline and how this is gonna look, but Ill give it a try :)

August 15th - Hello everyone and welcome to my booth! I'm CocoT, webmaster of the Neurotic Conversions site and Quake1 modder for the last, well, erm... mmm... 10 years or so. For those of you who don't know me or my work, just scroll below for info on some of my mods :)
Anyway, this will be the place to check out for my contributions to QExpo'08. At this point, I don't know exactly how much I'll be able to achieve before the end of it, but there will at least be news about the infamous "Transloquake Mapping Competition" and a mini-mod I hope to release some time before the end of this glorious event!
So, be sure to check this booth from time to time and enjoy QExpo!

Sneak peek at a new map
in construction for Transloquake!


Transloquake is a Quake1 mod I've been working on during my free time in the last two years or so. To make a long story short, this is a single-player game mode (multiplayer is around the corner, but will not be ready before a little while) in which your translocator is the only "weapon" you use. The aim of the game is to translocate upon platforms that are scattered high above and below you, and catch different kinds of bonuses. Each level has a particular amount of keys (revealed at the beginning of the level) which you have to grab in order to finish the level and get access to the next. Translocators have various strength modes (four in total), so that you'll need to master them in order to get exactly where you want.
Besides the difficulty of aiming right and translocating at the right moment, levels also offers various hazards which make your task harder and harder, as well as bonuses that can help you in your quest. Obviously, one of the main issues is that, if you miss a platform, you might end up falling a long way and have to restart your climb from down below again (if you're lucky enough not to fall, say, in lava).

In celebration of both QExpo and the release of the second demo of Transloquake (available HERE), I have set up a mapping competition. For more info on this, please make sure to visit the following threads on these major Quake1 site forums:
- http://forums.inside3d.com/viewtopic.php?t=1073
- http://www.celephais.net/board/view_thread.php?id=60232
- http://www.quakeone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3707
- http://www.quakedev.com/forums/index.php?topic=1624.0
Because QExpo started a little later than expected, the deadline for submitting a map (or more) has been pushed to the 30th of AUGUST. Make sure to participate and you might very well be the owner of a brand new game (again, follow those links for more info ;))


Working on it! :)


My biggest mod before Transloquake came along :)
Imagine a mod with a myriad of game modes, all based on the simple concept of picking up quads and capturing them, bots, team-play, mutators and lots and lots more.

My first "big" mod, released at time when Unreal Tournament and Quake3 were the rage. Fight bots in a tiers system, using homemade rules.

SPACEWALK (homepage)
One of my newer mod! A puzzle mod based on the Japanese freeware Stroke and using the Darkplaces engine.

One of my latest and biggest mod project so far! Teleport from platform to platform on a variety of levels to reach your goals, avoid traps and pick up bonuses!

Are you ready to escape before your opponents blow themselves up in your face? And will you do a carnage when your timer goes off? Great in "human" deathmatch, comes also with bots.

QUAD HUNT (homepage)
An old (yet fun!) mini-mod of mine. Start a quad hunt with your friends!

INFRARED (homepage)
A project which I'm still working on. Replay single-player maps Mission-Impossible-style by avoiding infra reds of all kind squattered around the level as well as all sorts of other technological traps, while picking up Quake1 artefacts. (must be played with the MI theme song in the background ;))

For info on those, as well as more of my mods, be sure to check my site over at PLANETCOCOT.NET :)