Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

I wondered why I never saw a good skeleton in Quake.
The one from Quake3 was perfect, but also almost untouchable,
because of the size of the model. With some luck I could divide it
into one pair per patch, which is that most vertices are recompiled.
Still it goes over 1024 vertices, which makes it a "heavy"model of
more tha 1Mb, while normal Q1conditions are 300kb.

To make Qmle able to import it, I had to simplify the skull and the chest.
In game the look of pure black between the ribs may be irritant.
At least I thought of changing the colour to the neutral browngrey of sprites.
And I had to give it a gun, which most parts I did in the Animation2005 Studio.

Texturing was done by scaling the Q3 bitmap of the bones model,
which felt hard because the Q3 format was big and Q1 is small.
So there is a moment that it paleness falls away in light environements.
And the new sub routine I gave it, wailing with a knife for six units far.

It gives the same harrisment as the Parasite in Q2, almost magnetic.
I found the "gig" on a moment I was playing with ProQcc.
I'm not sure if you would like the attitude as it drains health really fast.
So it is better to keep them shooting than to offend them close...

Alrirght then. I made a small testlevel, so you can experience Bones yourself!
Find out what it is that made it's bug was really a death?

Download Bones

some screenies of this excess...