Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

The Orb and Stego model I made with Pepakura.

Further I have made a new progress in making Quake 1 models.
There is something in these cratures I attend to more even then mapping.
It must have something to do with these Gremlins who stole my rifle
and left me spitting with me axe to slaughter the whole pack before getting it back.
I found the old Doom map monsters and saw they were easily convertable to Quake.
Only the framerate is half as low as in Quake so most of them have to be dobbled,
at least for not getting them run absurdly quick to the other Q1 monsters.

A small coversion of the Doom Baron to Quake1
Still managing to add frames to it to walk more smoothly.

I had this idea to make a new Quake1 monster, while I was mapping.
It would be no more than a 64x64 cube, and it would rise as a new monster
disguised in the nature of the wall. it would become a rather plump model.
So I made some dummys, collected the qc with great help of Preach
(Cheers for the guy!) and added different shapes of texture.
Because the lightning on brushes is otherwise then on monsters
I was unable to make it look "stealth", only in original Quake.
Also the strange behaviour of fitting the brush tex mirrored on the model
took my attention. I mirrored the tex, but then it became upside down(?!).

Working with models in Quake I found the hardest part to acces the Qc.
Make monsters act on another uniqce way. The maths are a bit too high for me.
Another thing when I tried to place the big polyp from DMM in my game,
that it wouldn't fit any place. So forgetting I could easily scale it with Quark,
I remade the model again and made three stages of it.
A small yellow one that sends lasebeams, a normal purple one,leading thunderbold,
and the big one scoring on lavaballs, lightly accelerated.

After seeing the HellBoy movie I had the idea to do something like it in Quake .
I needed new monsters, so I decided to make some look-a-likes.
I remembered there was this strange samuri fighter.

Then there were that awfull ragged tribolitus dragons.
I didn't know what to do with it so I choose the demon fiend for it.
Texuring the thing is a different thing as this one looks somehow pale.

I had the idea to make the Doom Baron the hell boy, but it had so less frames.
I would have to make a new one but good model shape is hard to do.
At least to stay under the 800 vertice limit. So I made the PyroGirl.
Thought it good to take some of her flamecrown for a start of a lavaball attack.

(29-08-08) Just a little toying with the Doom models, converting them to Quake.
I never knew the Doom monsters had different vertice frames in one monster.
Quake uses just one base frame for each model.
But the Doom monsters not only are much bigger than the Quake ones, some of them are hardly to import
as all the death frames just split up in larger amounts of poly's.
Also the texturing thing is something that doesn't come so easy for it's a rather accurate thing.
I'm glad I can make them wander in the Quake world, for giving them the right subroutines
as in Doom is a real attack at my math's.
As for sofar it goes well, as I'm planning to developpe a pak of doom monsters within the Quake game.
See how that Imp reaches out your fireballs!

(03-09-08) Play testing in Quake with the models after making a script.
Lost Souls has a fine exploding end, which leaves a clean map afterall.
I'm trying to speed up its attack so it makes it a little more tacky.
Some of the models are so big that when shooting them it leaves a rather big pack of gibs.
And as they can't respawn it would be better to make the all explode.
The CyberDemon is such a pack afterall. Giving it the right Cybershot isn't that easy.
But I can make theyre movements smoother by inserting sub frames and tend somehow to the vertices.
For sofar they begin to give advance for a real attack in Quake!