Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

my heroes of the past before I even knew
the real game of wrong and right
only the eyesight and a clever plan
to clue on my adventure and fight.


Feel free to give your commands on my tryings,
in case they were usefull for commanding...
or trying to command the use of cases
or whatever....


with Jack Persley and Clay Morgan (1950)

I wondered if there are many people who can remember this old classic western,
as it comes from the early 50ths. It was my first experience with television.
And it surely put a mark on my childhood, keeping playing the game again & again.
The way they came walking from one rangers untill it became a crowd,
or in the end, when Piercley looked from his hat, giving that faithfull glare
that everything is save, and they were there to keep it that way.

In the end I have some links of pages that held my webspace almost full
and fileplanet was so good to give me hosting place.
So it lends me the oppertunity to use it more flexible.
Here's a download to the Abandon mod from fileplanet:

Abandon Mod

Then there's the ModBcom site'where to my surprise the quake1 mod
succeeded to keep hustling on the first three stages.
I'm still working on it. Giving it morebrushes, as the game is rather empty
this comparing the fact I hadn't so much knowledge of the use of brushes.
Also the somehow chaotic gameplay I try to resolve by makin effort
of the CFK scripture workset from wazat. Texture correcting with WorldCraft, etc.


Happy Booting 2008!