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GLkaos is a little q1funproject i'm working on.(some of you may already heard of it)Well
GLkaos,which is based on tremorsource, has some improvements to graphics and gameplay,
it features per-poly collision,a md5 model loader and some more stuff.The idea behind
GLkaos is to create a crossgame mod , so the player can choose
if he likes to play original q1 or q1 with doom3,prey or quake 4 content.(and more)
To get an idea of what i'm talking about just imagine when you kill
three hellknights from doom3 and then you'll nearly get killed by a berserker from q4
but then klesk comes around the corner and bombs you to hell.
Glkaos will be designed to get youre own custom quake experience.
(of course you'll need one of those games to get the content ingame
or you just get youre own content)
glkaos will improve the singleplayer campaign of original quake to
create a great new experience with random generated npcs (good and evil).While
friendly npcs may help you with you're more dangerous mission , evil npcs may just crush
you with all the power they have. (or you just get assassinated by an old "friend" (npc or human XD )).
i'm currently working on the animation system for the md5 models,maybe i'll upload some
shots from it on this qexpo.



Q2kaos is a modified version of the quake 2 engine,based on the source released
by id.The goal is to create an good looking engine with support for the original quake 2 content
(plug and play).Q2kaos main features are: -a postprocessing shader wich allows to use
modern effekts like hdrr and depth of the field. (well its glsl so its very easy to edit)
-Bumpmapping, wich allows a better quality of textures. The great advantage of Q2kaos
is the usage of pseudo randomized normalmaps to create an individual look for every
surf in the game.(the 2nd and 3rd screenshot shows a simple way to use this tech)
-soft shadows
-reflective surfaces,md5mesh and anim.texturestreaming and a lot more

and here some new screenshots:

DOF with detailtextures

Texturestreaming for endless textures

Update 1

I've invested some time into the new Texturestreaming code and ... well just look at the screens,they show a streamed normalmap with random stripes on it.