Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
- September 5th, 2008 -

Well, Let's now present my current project.

It is a base map, essentially textured with Half-Life and Doom3 texture sets. I also picked and reworked some sounds from other games (e.g Call Of Duty 2, Doom 3, etc...). This map will require Quoth 2, as well as a powerful engine (e.g aguirRe's GLQuake) and also a good computer. Why ?
1/ The map is not completely finished (i.e layout designed up to 90%).
2/ There are not all the sounds I would like to use.
3/ There are not yet monsters
4/ I maybe will have to refine the gameplay
5/ I suffer of a serious lack of free time these last months

However, I already finalized some area like the open starting area below.

You can see on this shot some vehicles: a tank (i.e T-72), a military truck (not visible, it is hidden by the crane), and a "forklift". These are prefabs I picked on some Half-Life / Counter Strike prefabs website. I had to retexture it partially, but I'm quite proud of the results.

I also uses glasses features, thank to metlslime's skip tool, and some glass textures I created (not really difficult actually), as show in the next two shots.

I don't know if I will be able to finish it in the coming months, but I will have more fre time in the coming weeks, for some reasons.... So if I am lucky, I will be able to finish the remaining 10% layout I have to build, then I will start monsters placement and gameplay refining. Actually I'm targetting around 200+ monsters in easy skill, up to 300+ in hard skill, hoping the engine / computer will be able to suport such huge stuff. The map also contains already 10+ secrets... and I think I can add more... I still have ideas where to place it...

Anyway, stay tuned on func_, this map will see the day of light, believe me....



lambert_jph (at) yahoo (dot) fr

- September 3rd, 2008 -

Hi again,

It seems I still have a rough week to post some shots of the map I released during the last 2 years, so let's go...

Slime Refinery Complex: This map is a single player base map style, using Doom3 texture set. I released it twice. First with Quoth mod support in June 2007, and second time with Quoth 2 mod in March 2008.
Here is the latest area:

Five Rivers Land: This map intends to replicate the Doom3 Hell level. Due to Quake engine limitations, I had to split it in 3 pieces. The map needs Quoth 2 to support all ambience sounds I added.
Here is the entry area:

Two shots of the Hell underworld:

Here is the latest area: the final arena battle needs to be played with some clue... otherwize, you'll die very quickly:

The Holiday Frags: This is a small Deathatch map I did during 2007 summer holidays, hence the map name... I don't know whether it has been played by QWers or not actually...
Anyway, here are two shots of the map

I think it's over for today... I'll try to post my latest project shots in the coming days... wait and see !



lambert_jph (at) yahoo (dot) fr

- September 1st, 2008 -

Hi all

I'm back from 3 weeks of holidays, so I didn't have really time to make something clean... Also, as I know that QExpo will finish soon, I can just encourage people who will read this page to check my website.

So just to summarize, you will find there windsurf stuff (really off-topic) and my "poor" contribution to Quake community (i.e 7 SP maps + 2 DM maps + 3 texture sets)

I also have a huge map in progress, but far to be finished... and it already exceeds the limits of standard engines... I hope it will not take ages to compile it..



lambert_jph (at) yahoo (dot) fr