Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

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- Velocity based damage (and blood spray)

- Model geometry damage collision

- Multiple attack styles (from narrow to wide)

- Unarmed combat (good luck tough guy)

Advanced AI Navigation

- Sight

- Smell

- Sound (to be implemented)

- Psionic (to be implemented)

- Waypoint Navigation

- Flanking and strafing around obstacles

Advanced Teleporters

- Teleport to any location in any map

- Move back and forth between levels


- Icon based, mouse driven, snapping windows, containers inside containers, stacking

Shortcut Bar

- Modify the functionality of each shortcut

- Customize the appearance (rotate/flip/set number of visible bars)

Chat Box

- Line wrapping

- Scrollbar

- Color highlights

Quake 1 Models with interchangeable equipment (wobble included)

- Equip anything as a weapon

(Poleaxe and Longsword models created by Sajt originally for Feral Flesh.)


- Interact with townsfolk (currently you can only hear what they have to say)

(You may recognize the Faxanadu story here.)


- Gut your kills

- Consume their meat

Administration Mode

- Live editing with the capability to edit locally and commit changes while claiming editing rights per entity.

- Multiple administrators

- Edit NPCs

- Edit waypoints

- Edit functions/triggers

-Edit menus and write quest script

Features :: Screenshots :: Download