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(v. alpha 0.1)
Author: daemon

- 9/11/08 -
Feral is now available for download. Also added some shots of the in-game script editor on the features page.

- 08/19/08 -
Added four new screenshots featuring Vigil's Blade from The Ascension of Vigil with permission from RenegadeC.

- 08/18/08 -
Added a bit of info to the features page regarding NPCs, admin tools, and Sajt being the author of a couple models.

- 08/15/08 -
Feral is a remake of my first attempt at Quake modding, Feral Flesh. It's not really the same game, but the idea is similar. Some things have changed but Feral is still a Quake based RPG with in-game administration and editing tools. The GUI is the major change between the two mods, which takes advantage of CSQC (Client Side QuakeC). Also, for nastalgia, Feral goes back to the original look of Quake, using the Quake1 model format instead of the Quake3 format. Many of the old features have not been duplicated yet, but Feral is still very early in development. The entire game is being coded from scratch with minimal amounts of the original QuakeC code base.

Check out the features page for more info.

Features :: Screenshots :: Download