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Brazen is a game set in the Quake2 universe. Although having a pretty extensive DM support, it is mainly a single player and cooperative-based game. The main aspect of Brazen is to bring some more complex elements into Quake2, but at the same time make it less limited. For example, the inventory system is limited by slots and weight, health can be carried around and used when you need it, and weapons can be akimbo-ed (Halo 2 style). Despite these features (and MANY more), the hud remains clear and the point simple: kick some Strogg ass!

Brazen is completely standalone. It run on a heavily modified version of EGL. It requires Quake2 if you wish to play through the original Quake2 campaign, but we have a mission planned!

An exhaustive list of features that come to mind:

- Ledge climbing and shimmying
- Wall-flipping and jump flips
- Quake2-like weaponry, all new models and maps!
- Set a few years into the future
- EGL engine used as a base
- Powerful, extensive GUI system based off of Doom3 (but taken slightly further)
- 5 different handgrenade types: Frag, EMP, Stick, Prox and Contact
- 3 different grenade launcher nade types: Frag, EMP, High Explosive
- Offhand grenade tossing
- Monster-specifics gibs! Know who you gibbed and where!
- Local entity system! Ejecting brass and gibs use this system! Basically, you can set it so that gibs and brass stay FOREVER on the maps! They clip in distance and if you can't see them, making it as efficient as possible, and you can have a max number of lents on the map set with a cvar!
- All new effects for weaponry
- Ejecting brass bounces and rolls a little
- Gibs are client-side, allowing customization and removal of gibs
- The Strogg are smarter than ever! Skill-based mucking of shot accuracy and prediction makes Nightmare a real Nightmare!
- Rip and use weapons from fallen Strogg monsters to conserve clip-based ammunition!
- All new effects to make the game look pretty! Bloom lighting, motion blur!
- Tons, tons more. We've got tons planned, so check our blog out often!