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Welcome to Brazen's QExpo booth!

News < Aug 25
- The team was interviewed by Jehar on the TastyCast yesterday and I think it went pretty good. If anyone wants to discuss or talk to the team, we're in his temporary Ventrilo server (jehar.homeip.net). Pop in and ask us questions or just idle and hear us rant!

Main Page:

I don't have much time to work on a fancy dancy page this year, but this will get the point across about Brazen and hopefully give me the support I need to finish it!

I'll post updates to my booth below if I need to fix anything.
See the other pages for more information!

Main Page Videos:
Aug 26, Stick/EMP new effect!

Video recorded Aug 26, submachineguns!

Video recorded Aug 15, showing off menu and certain in-game features:
(Menu narration done by me, Paril, other narration by James)

Old video recorded a few months back, VERY old.

Video recorded same day by James, single player (kinda dark, sorry)