Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

KrimZon's Race Game and The Night Maker

Race Game

8th September 2008

My race game wasn't quite ready for a proper new release in time for the 2008 expo, so instead I have released the source. The physics come from a little work I did towards Tomaz's MiniRacer regarding vehicle physics - entirely stored in my head and updated with newer ideas I've had since. It still needs an overhaul but it's found to feel pretty cool. Tomaz created the car model, and I use a water texture from Urre and Zombie, and a ton of public domain and free textures.

Download Race Game Source

The Night Maker

12th September 2008

The Night Maker is a prototype of a mod inspired by an innovative British game show, the idea is that the player is moved around in third person with a static camera view. Obstacles are riddles or traps to carefully navigate past, with wits and timing and stuff like that. I'm making the source of this available too, as it may be use for other types of game with the same camera position.

Download The Night Maker Source

The mod is designed so that the rooms are linked up randomly so that every level is replayable. This limits the complexity of each room in terms of routing, but not in what it can contain. This is a characteristic that I wanted to reproduce from the original show.

I use the grunt model here because the animation sequences were a little longer. The main character should really be unarmed though.