Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Round 2 of the Qexpo "Aliens For Animals" cup has been completed! Congrats to all of the participants for getting their matches done on time!

Current standings:

Bracket 1
Winners Bracket

Bracket 2
Losers Bracket

New screenshots are here, showing the advances made over the summer. A ton of rendering code has been rewritten. Not only have we added a great number of next-gen eyecandy features, we've also spent a great deal of time optimizing things.

Latest SVN updates:

9-12-2008 Specular highlights for parallax surfaces.

8-31-2008 Antilag code added.

8-24-2008 GLSL lighting of normalmapped surfaces - dynamic lighting of normal and parallaxed mapped bsp surfaces now handled with GLSL shaders.

8-20-2008 Performance boost - vertex lerping is no longer batched up before rendering mesh, now done inside the texture mapping loop. Should help big time in cases of larger amounts of players on screen, as instead of iterating through the model twice, it just does it once now, per pass.

8-21-2008 Vaporizer splash damage cut in half. Weapon is no longer "one shot, one kill" unless there is a direct shot, which is damn hard to achieve given the way the weapon fires.

8-21-2008 Fixed some bugs with shadows caused by lerping changes above.


Per tradition, COR Entertainment will be holding a prize tournament for Qexpo!
This is a 1v1 tournament, slots are limited, and there is a voluntary 10 dollar
entry fee, made payable to the Humane Society of America, or your local shelter(you can also substitute for any charity of your choice benefitting animals).

All donations will be matched by COR Entertainment! Sign up for the tournament

Qexpo 2008 - Aliens For Animals Cup

  • Signup begins August 15 and ends August 24

  • Seeding takes place on August 25

  • Tourney begins August 25

  • Top 8 non-prize winners compete in 15 minute FFA for 4th place prize


  • 1st Place: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX

  • 2nd Place: Razer Tarantula gaming keyboard

  • 3rd Place: Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse

  • Consolation FFA: Saitek Eclipse keyboard

For any other information about the game, visit http://red.planetarena.org