Celebrating 12 years of Quake!


In this booth, I'm going to release my recently completed vertical Quake map at some point during QExpo:

"Skinny Norris"
A medium to large tower-like Quoth single player map with an unusual texture theme and independent puzzles/traps routes - the tallest map ever made.

It was originally started for the 768/Vertical Map Competition held at Func_Msgboard in mid-2007 but for various reasons could not be finished in time.
According to the rules, all brushfaces and entities stay within a base of 768*768 units with unlimited vertical height, and no player teleportation is used.

Most notable feature is the choice between two distinct routes half-way through the map: puzzles or traps.

Important note:
This map requires 1) Quoth and 2) an engine port with increased limits, like Bengt Jardrup's enhanced Winquake/GLquake/Nehquake or DarkPlaces.


Please leave some feedback here.

09/03/08: vertical map released!
08/21/08: negke's vertical top20 list