Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
September 12, 2008
One last update, and one last offering. One kind of monster Quake lacks for medieval style levels is weak, ranged cannon fodder like soldiers from base levels or imps from Doom. To address this deficiency, the archers from Hexen2 have been ported over to Quake. The mod offered tonight, which is not Drake, replaces base enemies with Archers.

Earlier today...
When Drake gets finished and released, its qc source files will be available. However, since the code written for Drake may not be so simple to adapt and plug into other mods, and the code for old versions of Dragons could be better, I have assembled an updated version of Dragons which features most of the improvements to the dragons (as seen in Soul of Evil: Indian Summer), while cutting out all of the unnecessary features such as the Draco bot and the nightshade. This version of Dragons is made for mod makers who want the dragons without the filling. One test level included for your gaming pleasure. Fans of Dragons rejoice!

Download Dragons 2008

"The dragon triad! Can you kill them?"

September 10, 2008
Before we continue, I should introduce myself. I am Patrick Martin, author of the Dragons mod. Whenever I can, I work on my Quake project Drake. As written yesterday, Drake will be the successor of Dragons, featuring more content in addition to the dragons. Now back to the update...

While Drake will not be finished by the end of Qexpo'08, some of the models are. Nothing fancy though, just some relatively simple icons to serve as items. They are available here. Enjoy!

September 9, 2008
Welcome to Drake, the successor to the old mod Dragons. The name Drake is a fusion of the words "Dragons" and "Quake".

Dragons had several versions, most of which were never released to the public, and each new version of Dragons gained more features than the last. Such features include gameplay improvements, support for some of the other more popular modifications of its time, and changes to general Quake gameplay, such as armor not taking damage when the player is drowning or takes a hit while invulnerable. Eventually, the number of changes to the progs grew high enough that it was better to rewrite most of the code. Thus, Drake was born. Drake began as a compilation mod, taking some of the best from classic mods, along with other custom content. The idea was to place a variety of custom content into one convenient pak file.

Currently, the project is on hiatus, since I am helping Tronyn on the modding side of his projects. However, this gives me an opportunity to test ideas that may eventually find their way into Drake. Some of the new features in Tronyn's Soul of Evil: Indian Summer come straight from Drake; including extra powerup items and weapons, and new and enhanced monsters. If you have not played Soul of Evil: Indian Summer yet, visit Tronyn's Booth to find a link to his masterpiece and download it. You will be glad you did.

As for when Drake itself will be released, I hope to finish sometime before the end of 2008.

Below are two screenshots. The first, taken in nsoe2 from Soul of Evil: Indian Summer, shows one of Drake's new items in action, Dragonscale armor. This is a special armor which allows the player to morph into a dragon. While in dragon form, the player can fly around and breathe fire at enemies. The second shot shows a fight in a test level where the player is savaged by a combined assault from various monsters. Notice the ghostly monster hovering in front of the player's face?

"Fly like an eagle, er... dragon."

"Ouch! Not a good day."