Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

// Updated 08/09/11, Site is now up

Kaiowas is a engine based on Q2e 0.68 code so credit to Berserk and Odium!.
When i first started to look around for some good engine for Quake 2 i didnt find any nice looking engine that i wanted so i went over to Quake 1 and there was DarkPlaces and Tenebrae and they had all these really cool stuff. After a while i found Q2e witch i really liked but i keep switching from Q2e to EGL but when 0.68 came out it look really great but when Blur team quit working on i wanted to do my own stuff on thier engine.
Im currently looking for artist/desinger/modeler so if you want to help me out please contact me at Atrejoo@hotmail.com.

Note: ThereĀ“s probably more grapich stuff then this.

Graphic improvements:

- Per Pixel Lightning

- Ingame light editor

- Bumpmap (normalMaps)

- Vertex/Fragment Programs

- PCX, TGA, JPG, PNG support

- Quake 3 Shaders

- OpenAL

- PK2

- Stencil shadows

- DOT3

- MD2, MD3 model support

- Scriptable HUD

- High Resolution textures

- High Resolution skins and models

- Advanced version of the Doom 3 Shader System


- HeightMaps

- New Menu

- 3D Hud

- Lens and sun flares

- Optical distorts

- Bloom

- Clean up/fix buggs/finish stuff

- Full lighted maps

- New decals / particles

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