Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Cutting Classes

Mote, the famous french top gamer and also author of Warsow Movement School tutorial videos,
is back and just released a very nice new trix movie, Cutting Classes.

Not a single frag inside, nor any racemaps, but awesome runs performed by Mote and his mates Brako and Mdoo, in few classic warsow duel maps, like wdm1, acidwdm2, wdm3 and wdm5.
This video will for sure remind our veterans to the warsow trix movie from Pez, which had a big impact on the interweb, few years ago. So in few words, a must see.

The editing is realy clean and professional, it greatly highlights Warsows unique
and cartoony style.

Download Links:

http://www.own3d.at/download/1076 (stream+download)


This movie features the best runs of Sorbet, a dedicated racer which is placed top 25
on the racenet.

Editing is cool, including some good music and good sync.
Some runs are particularly impressive, showing some outstanting skills.

Download Links:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDzthg0QY98 (stream, bad quality)


Trickjumping movie from older version of Warsow (0.07). Featuring many jumps in Wdm1&2 and Wtest 1&3, performed by five jumpers
(1ook, Acid, mesta, Pez, Scam).

Download Links:


Raceathon Episode 1 - The K0Li0 Menace

Tribute movie to the first Raceathon tournament. It features the 3 best runs on each of Raceathon's maps.

Featuring players such as K0Li0, kriuq, murlock, dave and others. Raceathon - Episode 1 maps created by kriuq, BardoK and Jezus.

Download Links:

High Quality x264 version
Mid Quality XviD version

ZEvon - pure motion 2007

zEvon's second movie, featuring Team jump-it and other jumpers such as iioran or se1z.

Due to the video recording problems in warsow version 0.2x, the whole movie is stigmatized by laggy movement of player models. Despite this fact, many players commented the movie as amazing piece that can be enjoyed without being annoyed by the laggy models.

Download Links:



Fourth (some people call it third because of the unfinished Trickitout2) movie from most productive warsow moviemaker zEvon.
It features players from Team Jump-It.

zEvon came up with a excellent idea - two different audio streams.
So you've got the choice between two different music styles!
As a first attempt to use two audio streams it is extremely well done.

Download Links:



FrooP's first movie, featuring some amazing tricks from 1337demos.com.

It has some nice editing, realy relaxing music and a nice atmosphere.

Download Links:

http://warsow.ning.com/video/video/show?id=2013673%3AVideo%3A21570 (stream)


First Contact

In the beginning, First Contact was intended to be a little personal frag movie of SNP.
But after the trailer's release a lot of people seemed to enjoy it and the idea of a community
frag movie popped up. And thus First Contact evolved and became something far bigger than a noob's personal frag gallery.

It now stands for warsow's first attempt at showing it's community and their frags to the world.
First Contact is our first community frag movie. Enjoy it!

Download Links:

x264 Stream+Download
High Quality x264 Version Mirror1
High Quality x264 Version Mirror2
High Quality x264 Version Mirror3
High Quality x264 Version Mirror4
High Quality x264 Version Mirror 5

XviD Download+Stream
Mid Quality XviD Version Mirror 1
Mid Quality XviD Version Mirror 2
Mid Quality XviD Version Mirror 3
Mid Quality XviD Version Mirror 4
Mid Quality XviD Version Mirror 5

Team-Logitech.fi Promo

Lasting just over 90 seconds, this is a short and sweet promotional movie containg frags
collected within a two week period. Don't let this deceive you though-
with some fantastic frags and great editing by SNP, it's worth a download
weighting just over 50mb! Enjoy!

Download Links:

High Quality x264 Version
Mid Qualtiy XviD Version (Download+Stream)

ZEvon - loxer v1

This whole movie is about one player – loxer (aka unkilled).
It shows some tdm and midair frags, but mainly there is duel action.

The quality of the movie is very good, you do not have to worry about
the problems seen in zEvon's previous movie - Pure Motion 2007.

Download Links:


Frag Highlights Excello Anniversary Cup

Excello Warsow Cup became two years old and a special edition was held to celebrate it.
Up to 60 players attended the celebration to fight each other until the finals and now
panz3rfaust decided to make a little video of the event. Have fun watching it!

Download Links:



A japanese fragmovie made by Loyality featuring some japanese players.
It has good frags, great music and some nice editing.


Download Links:

Mirror 1
Mirror 2


There is a little machinima made by Voiceofreason777 and few friends of him.
It has a good script, with a big touch of humour.


Youtube Low Quality
Youtube High Quality