Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Hello all !
Hello quakedevers !
And welcome to Warsow booth !

First of all, sorry for being late. Warsow would probably have missed qexpo this year, if Lordhavoc, thanks to him, hadn't contact us on IRC ^^
So, as we say in France, "late is better than never", it's nice to join one more time the annual quakedev party =)

As usual, I'd like to dedicate this booth to Warsow Fan Art. Our game is now supported since mid-2005 by a good bunch of passionated gamers, who are our best ambassadors, constantly showing an incredible input, promoting Warsow everywhere and providing very nice contributions of any kind. We made a game and gamers made its success. That's why I think this booth is a good way to highlight, and to tell my gratitude to Warsow community =)

So, what you can expect here is to find some artwork like wallpapers, comics, movie, etc. We're gonna try to gather the best of it. I'll be helped in the task by KILLME, a warsow veteran, who already has made a first selection, and should upload it here asap.

Of course, any help is welcome, so if you got something deserving to be shared, please contact me : solomonkATwarsowDOTnet.

Last, I'd like to thank Matthias Weh for the logo above =)


Solomonk - Warsow founder/owner

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