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2.2.x screenshots
2.3-dev screenshots
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2.2.x screenshots

The 2D geoscape.

The 3D geoscape.

From here you can manage your bases.

Soldiers can be equipped with a wide range of armour and weaponry.

Aliens are attacking our people! Not on PHALANX' watch they won't!

A typical combat theater. There are hostiles lurking around here somewhere...

A PHALANX soldier has fallen in the line of duty, but is about to be avenged.

A UFO has crash landed.

PHALANX soldiers standing in the Living Quarters base facility.

The game allows players to connect to the IRC channel using an in-game client.

Even in a singleplayer game you can stay connected to the lobby and receive messages.

2.3-dev screenshots

The geoscape has a new look.

The new skirmish mode lets you play a mission without having to play the campaign.

The equipment menu has seen some changes.

A new, much prettier radar overlay.

Need to know where the nation borders are? Just hit the nation overlay button.

This is the base summary screen, which was disabled in 2.2.1.