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Monsters in Qoetia.

One of the main differences between monsters in Qoetia and regular Quake is that some of Qoetia's monsters have armour as well as health. Blaster and Nail weapons are highly effective against these monsters. You will also find that monsters sometimes drop a bit of loot for you.
I have used Patrick Martins Cranked Monsters as my base code for the monsters and have modified most of them from that to make them more deadly and varied opponents.

Rotweilers: The experiments performed in the kennels beneath the slipgate complex have resulted various deadly surgical augmentations to man's best friend, foremost among these being a small anti-personnel charge implanted in the upper thorax, primed for detonation whenever the host reaches a peak of aggression. Some of the dogs have also been fitted with prototype cloaking devices or sub-dermal armour plating.

Grunts: These hapless goons make few demands and have little to no union representation. There one request has been for more gun's and we have been more than happy to oblige. Double shotguns, Nailguns and grenade launchers have been dispatched, along with a bit of body armour (some of those less profoundly affected by the surgery are still able work velcro by themselves).

Enforcers: The guys from Blackwater don't even need to be given implants, as long as the cash keeps flowing they keep killing. The Blaster has been tuned up allowing them to fire much more rapid bursts, in addition they all wear heavy body armour.

Knights: Wear medium armour and sometimes carry a little loot, either a shotgun or a nailgun and a small box of ammo for it.

Rune-Knights: Rune-Knights wear heavy armour and employ sorcery based on one of the four runes. Earth-Magic gives them the ability to boost their health, Black-Magic allows them to launch a homing ball of explosives, Hell Magic is the fire-fan attack from regular Quake and Elder-Magic allows them to conduct lightning down the blade of their sword. Knight's of the Void-Rune are masters of all four techniques.

RotFish: Swim and chew a lot faster.

Zombies: With enough persistence and a lot of spare ammo you can now take down a Zombie with any weapon in the game. After explosive weapons the best bet is the axe. A lot of Zombies carry some sort of loot, random detritus from their former existences, unsorted and carried without rhyme or reason, you may even find a functioning weapon in their possession from time to time.

Scrags: The ability to teleport out of trouble and hunt escaping targets makes these much more dangerous.

Ogres: A little more health and more accurate grenade throwing combine to make these brutes more formidable. Some of them will be carrying loot.

Spawn: These weird and horrible things are weird and horrible enough as it is.

Fiends: More accurate jumps with less tenancy to get stuck is combined with the ability to breath fire at short range to make these guys that bit more deadly.

Vores: Use an invisibility spell to protect themselves at range, and a variety of new spells.

Shamblers: Nothing much is new with Shamblers, apart from the fact that they have an attack that makes you explode, as if by magic.

Chthon: Now has a variety of ways to attack including homing shots, fire spray, and volleys of lob shots an addition to his original attack. When he is electrified he gains the ability to shoot lightning, however he is susceptible to your weapons now although it will obviously take a lot to hurt him. He also handles multiple opponents much better now.

Shub-Niggurath: Launches powerful homing balls at you.