Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
Weapons in Qoetia

All weapons in Qoetia have Fire and Alt-fire. With a few exceptions Alt-fire acts as a switch between two fire modes and the default control for this is the right mouse button (bound in controls.cfg). Most of the weapons have been retuned to some extent, either for feel (shotguns always seemed to lack a little oomph in the original game) or balance (the perforator always seemed a bit ineffective against other players making the rocket launcher over prevalent).

Original Weapons
>Axe: The axe is unchanged from normal quake except that you hear it hit if you strike a monster with it, however each rune you have gives you an extra mode to use it in. Runes are unique so in each game only one player will have any of the available powers, and the runes can only be obtained, as in normal quake by completing episodes. You select which rune is charged by pressing alt-fire.
*The rune of Earth Magic halves the damage you take while using the axe with it charged.
*The Rune of Black Magic gives you a vampiric ability to gain health by damaging opponents. You can get up to 333 health in this way and having over 100 health allows you to jump higher than normal. When you have 333 health you can glide by holding down the jump button.
*The Rune of Hell Magic gives you a fire fan attack like the Death Knight.
*The Rune of Elder Magic allows you to control monsters by hitting them with the axe. When a monster you control is hurt you will take a small amount of damage as well.

>Shotgun: Beefed up damage balanced by broader spread and slower fire rate. In addition you can only carry 42 shells. The shotgun loads 6 rounds in Tactical Mode.
*Tac-Lite: Alt-Fire turns a powerful combat torch on and off.

>Double Barrelled Shotgun: Like the shotgun this is slower and more powerful than in regular Quake.
*Fire Single Barrel. Alt-Fire with this empties one barrel, but you can fire the next very quickly allowing you to engage weaker targets without wasting ammo. Can reload (default R) while one barrel is empty in all game modes.

>Nailgun: The velocity in much increased over normal quake and the nails rip through armour 75% more efficiently but watch your elevation at long range as the rounds will drop slightly if flight. Nails will also ricochet so watch out for them at close range and try to use this to your advantage.
*Silencer: You will lose the armour piercing and ricochet effets as well as a lot of your velocity and range but gain the ability to fire almost silently.

>Perforater: Fires two nails simultaneously at high velocity with armour piercing and ricochet effects. Takes 8 shots to kill a target with 100 health and red armour against 3 direct hits from the rocket launcher, which is 1.6 seconds against 2.4. Give it a whirl!
*Quad Barrel Mode: Spectacular but thirsty, loses a bit of velocity and the armour piercing ability, and accuracy just goes out the window but you can engage a large area target with this fire mode.

>Grenade Launcher: No change here except that you only get 20 rockets.
*Nail Bomb: Press Alt-Fire to add 5 nails to your grenade, you can put up to 15 nails in each grenade!

>Rocket Launcher: No change here either except to ammo.
*Homing Missile: Slower with less range and damage than a regular rocket but it will lock on and follow a target.

>Thunder Bolt: Fires like in regular Quake but does not deplete your targets armour and uses 2 of your 150 cells, giving you 75% of the ammo you would usually have.
*Ball Lighting: A chargeable attack, the longer you press fire for the more powerful the effect (and the more cells you use) tap for rapid fire with moderate damage or hold down to use it as a powerful blast weapon. Not a good weapon to use at long range in either case, but the more charged the ball is the further and less erratically it flies.

New Weapons
>Blaster: Found in the Enforcer's back pack, and also available as a free gift when you pick up a Perforater in Deathmatch 1 this is a modest but highly efficient weapon at medium range, halfs the effect of it's targets armour and trades light damage for a rapid but sustainable fire rate.
*Marksman Mode: Delivers a super high velocity bolt with high damage and 50% armour penetration, with an audio report to confirm hits.

>Hand Grenades: A second weapon in slot 6. Hold fire for better range or tap to drop them off ledges or scatter them at your feet as you run to evade pursuit. If used within arms reach you can attach them to your target for comic effect.

Ammo availability and limits have all been reworked, particularly to get away from the sense of rockets and shells being an inexhaustible resource.
To counter the slightly limiting effect this can have in single player games due to the lack of respawning ammo, some of the monsters will drop a backpack containing a bit of ammo or even a weapon (this is also designed to slightly offset a problem with starting games at a specific level and not being able to find essential weapons you would otherwise have picked up on earlier levels).

Damage outputs:
Shells: shotgun = 55 x 42 = 2310 (small box = 6 large = 12, maximum carried = 42)
Nails: nailgun = 250 x 9 = 2250 (small box = 25 large = 50 maximum carried = 250)
Rockets: rocket launcher 20 x 120 = 2400 (small box = 3 large = 6 maximum carried = 20)
Cells: thunder bolt 30 X 150 / 2 = 2250 (small box = 15 large = 30 maximum carried = 150)