Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
New Equipment:

The new equipment is all designed with tactical mode gameplay in mind, and is particularly designed to encourage players to develop a specific role in their team.

Grappling Hook:
Bort's classic swing hook forms the basic code for the hook in Qoetia, but with a few tweaks, first it is accessed as a weapon (select the axe then hit 1 again to switch). Once you have fired the hook use alt-fire to reel yourself in all the way, fire again to release or use the mouse wheel to make fine adjustments to the length of your wire. The line can also be used to winch team-mates in to position or even to catch and reel in monsters if you fancy a spot of fishing.

Any player who picks up red or yellow armour or a heavy weapon (perforater, grenade launcher, rocket launcher or thunderbolt) loses their grapple, but can respawn one 15 seconds after dicarding their heavy weapons and armour.

The SurgiKit (or hacksaw and staple-gun as it is referred to by those not on the Procter & Gamble payroll) is a highly effective means of keeping someone alive (despite their protests). However it must be used judiciously or you may end up doing more harm than good.

impulse 14 (default key 0) is used to select the SurgiKit which is picked up instead of Megahealth in teamplay games, and uses health boxes as ammo (meaning that finding a friendly medic is the only way to heal in a teamplay game).
The fire button replenishes your patients health and the alt-fire button switches between operating on your patient and practising on your self. In either case if the amount you attempt to heal them by exceeds their maximum health, their maximum health will be reduced, in serious cases of surgical malpractice it is quite possible for the patient to die.

The SurgiKit is classed as a heavy weapon in tactical mode and carrying one in normal teamplay excludes the use of the grapple.


Teleport Beacon:
The Latest in mobile teleportation technology this will allow a player to set up a Tele-portal in one position and a destination beacon at another. This will only be found in coop games (spawning on the single player start) and will allow players to consolidate their progress through a level without losing ground when they respawn.