Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
Qoetia/SuperCoop Version History
Changes from SuperCoop 3.3.3 to Qoetia beta 4
^Rune Axe: Four different magical powers derived from the games four runes. Having the rune of earth-magic gives you Protection (50%, while using the axe with this rune charged) The rune of black-magic gives you the vampirism ability (1/3 of damage inflicted is transferred to you as a health bonus. You can use this to boost your health up to 333 and get a bonus to your jump height as you do so). The rune of hell-magic gives you a fire-fan style attack much like that of the Hell-Magic Rune Knight (or a Death-Knight in vanilla Quake), while the rune of elder-magic causes monsters struck by it to fight for you.
^Homing Missiles: Alt-Fire for the rocket launcher. Basically a tweaked version of Vholds original. They have reduced damage, limited fuel and a wider turning circle, but accelerate towards their target once locked on.
^Ball-Lightning: Alt-Fire for the Thunderbolt. A cross between the classic plasma gun and a (toned down) BGF9000 from Doom. Tap the trigger to rapid fire or hold it down for a charged up shot.
^Double Shotgun: Alt-Fire discharges a single barrel.
^Pump Action Shotgun: Now equipped with a million candle power tactical search-light. Alt-Fire turns it on and off.
^Grapple hook: Selected by pressing the axe button twice. Use weapon scrolling to reel in or out and jump to release. Fire-select stops you reeling in or out. Picking up heavy weapons or red/yellow armour causes you to loose the ability to use the grapple hook, which will respawn (to you) 15 seconds after you have discarded your heavy weapons and armour.
^The nailguns now kick out their spent brass.

^In Tactical Mode (teamplay 3 or 4) each weapon has it's own ammo capacity and must be reloaded (impulse 56, default key = R in controls.cfg)
Capacitys are Shotgun = 6, Double Shotgun = 2, Nailgun = 30,Perforater = 100, Grenade Launcher = 6, Rocket Launcher = 3.

^Bam's awesome Vote-Map plugin has been added (impulse 97 calls a vote default key = V in controls.cfg)
^Runes can also be dropped now (impulse 25, default key = L in controls.cfg)
^Added textures for runes.
^Slight nerfing for the energy weapons: Maximum Cells is now 150 (down from 200)
^Respawn rates for armour are 20 seconds (Green) 40 (Yellow) and 60 (Red). (Actualy that was in the last release, but I forgot to say).
^Direct hits from Chthon's basic attack are now very powerful
Changes from beta 2.9 to 3.3.3
>New Weapons =
^Blaster: Taken from the Enforcers backpack the Blasters main fire mode gives you a fast, efficient means of engaging Quakes monsters. It's alternate fire mode although expensive in terms of ammo gives you an extremely accurate long range attack. Both modes half the protection of your targets armour. In deathmatch 1 you get the Blaster (batteries not included) as a free gift every time you collect the Perforater.
^Hand Grenades: Can be selected by pressing 6 when you do not have the grenade launcher or by pressing 6 again if you are using the grenade launcher. Hold down the fire button to charge the grenades throwing power or tap it to drop a grenade. If your target is within arms reach when you launch your grenade it will be planted directly on them.
^SurgiKit: In teamplay games the Megahealth is replaced with the a field surgery kit. The SurgiKit uses health packs for ammo and counts as a heavy weapon in tactical mode (teamplay 3/4). The SurgiKit can be used on yourself by pressing select (impulse 55.) This takes twice as long as having someone else fix you up but is equally effective.

>Weapon & item balance =
^Fire Select (impulse 55) is now available for some weapons. All weapons will have an alternate fire mode eventually.
Existing alternate fire modes = Nailgun: Silencer / Perforater: Fire all four barrels/ Grenade Launcher: Nailbombs (add 5 nails each time you press select) / Blaster: Marksman mode / SurgiKit: Heal self.
^The Bio Suit has a built in jet-pack now. This is controlled by the jump button, with your feet on the ground you jump normaly, tapping jump while airborne fires the jet-pack in boost mode, holding jump down engages hover mode.

>Gameplay =
^Monsters now get a powerup for killing players. They can get Mega-Health, Quad Damage or the Pentagram of protection. This only happens on hard and nightmare settings.
^Scoring system implemented, players now get a partial frag for each monster they kill from 0.1 for dogs to 1.0 for a shambler.
^Keys can be dropped with impulse 23, Artefacts with impulse 24 (artefacts may be temporary or at least not allowed in some game modes in future.)
^Artefacts are dropped when you die. (Only 1 if you have several).
^Controls.cfg binds J to drop artefacts and K to drop keys. Mouse2 is fire select, 9 selects the blaster and 0 selects the SurgiKit.
^Respawn rate for monsters is slightly slower except on Nightmare skill.
^Respawn rate for all artefacts (Quad, Pent, Ring and Suit) is now 2 minutes.

>Monsters =
^Chthon is finally starting to look like the big evil beastie he's meant to be. He now has a variety of attacks at his disposal.
^Death Knights have been replaced by Rune Knights, there are four types (based on the four runes in the game) each of whom has a different style of ranged attack, and a fith type capable of using any of the four attacks.
^Vore homing missiles now have limited range.
^Zombies respawning bug fixed.
Changes from beta 2.5 to 2.9:
>New Mode =
^Last Man Standing: deathmatch 4 & 5 and coop 3. This is very crudely implemented at this stage with no means of starting new rounds in the code (use reset in the console when everyone is dead) as yet, and no spectator mode for dead players. Use the fraglimit variable to set the number of times a player can respawn, 0 seems like a good deafault. Deathmatch 4 is without monsters, deathmatch 5 is with. Monsters do not respawn (in deathmatch or coop) unless you are playing in nightmare mode. Ammo and items do not respawn either. Weapons stay in deathmatch, and in coop if teamplay is set to 1 or 2.

>Experimental features =
^Lightning gun no longer causes damage to armour (armour still protects from lightning gun, it just isn't degraded in doing so.)
^When players and monsters are killed they drop their armour.

>Improved Monsters =
^Scrags will warp away from shotgun blasts now, but they do take full damage from each blast.
^Chthon much improved. (Coop behaviour mainly.)
^Dogs improved (the fuses aren't quite so touchy now).
^Fiends have a nasty new trick (Check this out in Qrack with QMB particles).
^Rotfish are faster and deadlier now.
^To balance the reduced ammo load some of the monsters will have a bit of loot on them, so far this is just zombies, knights and ogres but more may be added based on playtesting.

>Misc etc =
^Bug fixes on teamplay controlled weapon stay, lava/slime ignoring armour and respawning monsters (ammo and armour loadouts).
^New view model for shotgun.
^The Lightning gun has it's ammo doubled, but it's ammo usage is also doubled (this is to pave the way for the introduction of the blaster as a new player usable weapon.) All this means just now is that you don't have as much ammo as you think you do!
Changes from beta 2 to beta 2.5:
^SuperCoopLite included (server side only version, in SuperCoopLT.rar)
^Teamplay does not protect against self inflicted damage (such as rocket jumps or grenade spamming).
^Armour encumbrance much improved (in code terms, probably not too noticeable in play).
^Lost keys are replaced two minutes after the backpack they went into was dropped.
^You can now scroll to unloaded weapons in teamplay 3/4.
^Chthon fixed (was using MOVETYPE_BOUNCE to launch missiles. Doh!)
^A couple of typo's put back (restored original ai.qc)
Changes from beta 1 to beta 2:
^Limited Weapons game variable added. Basicaly each player can carry 2 guns, 1 light and one heavy (shotgun, double
shotgun and nailgun are the light weapons and the super nailgun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher and lightning gun are
heavy weapons.)
^Shotgun slightly more powerful.
^Cleaned up the code for various minor typo's left by Id.
^Wasteboxes respawn now! No reasonable person can imagine how proud I am of this accomplishment!
^You can sneak if moving slow enough.