Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
Qoetia +beta 4+
"such is the nature of fate in a time of Chaos. And when is Time not Chaos? And when is war not a spawnhole of fiends?"
-Tim Willocks: The Religion

Designed for fast-paced cooperative play, also featuring monsters in deathmatch mode, and (obviously) Frikbot X.

Installation and playing in windows:
Extract to c:\quake or whatever directory you play quake from. Then just go to run in the windows start menu and paste in:
[ c:\quake\quake.exe -game qoetia ]. If you are using a different directory or prefer a different game engine change the command line
as appropriate.

You should also check out the controls section of this document and if the default controls don't conflict with your preferred keyboard setup (should be fine with most WSAD based setups, unless you are a fan of using obscure aliases) type [ exec controls.cfg ] in to the console (press ~ to bring down the console on an American keyboard and ¬ on a European one, whatever directly below Esc). You can edit the default controls by opening up controls.cfg in notepad and changing the keys to whatever you like.

If you've read a previous version of this readme (from SuperCoop) check out Qoetia_Changes.txt rather than wading through this lot again.

Weapon and Item Balance:
}Have changed amounts of ammo available for each weapon.
(42 Shells, 250 Nails, 20 Rockets, 150 Cells)
}Slower, more powerful shotguns (by about 50%), with bigger spread.They also shoot through corpses
(specifically newly created ones), giving them better crowd control characteristics.
}Nails are now Armour Piercing (by 75%), Velocity is up and they have a bit of trajectory to them (so aim high at range), plus they ricochet wildly off walls.
}Lightning Gun. Uses 2 cells per shot. The Lightning gun also does not degrade it's targets armour.
}Pentagram of Protection now quarters damage (before armour) rather than avoiding it completely.
Quad damage therefore cancels out the Pentagram exactly.
}The BioSuit has a built in jet-pack now. This is controlled by the jump button, with your feet on the ground you jump normally, tapping jump while airborne fires the jet-pack in boost mode, holding jump down engages hover mode. (This may only work in deathmatch in the final version. We'll see.)
}Respawn rate for all artefacts (Quad, Pent, Ring and Suit) is now 2 minutes.
}Respawn rates for armour are 20 seconds (Green) 40 (Yellow) and 60 (Red).

New Weapons, and Equipment:
}Blaster: Taken from the Enforcers backpack, the Blasters main fire mode gives you a fast, efficient means of engaging Quakes monsters. It's alternate fire mode although expensive in terms of ammo gives you an extremely accurate, long range attack. Both modes half the protection of your targets armour. In deathmatch 1 you get the Blaster (batteries not included) as a free gift every time you collect a Perforater.
}Hand Grenades: Can be selected by pressing 6 when you do not have the grenade launcher or by pressing 6 again when you are already using the grenade launcher. Hold the fire button to power up your throw, or simply tap it to drop one on the floor. If you are within arms reach of your target when you hit fire the grenade will be attached to them.
}SurgiKit: In teamplay games the Megahealth is replaced with the a field surgery kit, which alows players to heal themselves and their team mates. The SurgiKit uses health packs for ammo and counts as a heavy weapon in tactical mode (teamplay 3/4). The SurgiKit can be used on yourself by pressing select (impulse 55.) This takes twice as long as having someone else fix you up but is equally effective. Note that this means that if teamplay is on using the SurgiKit becomes only way to recover health.
}Grapple Hook: Selected by pressing the axe button twice. Use weapon scrolling to reel in or out and jump to release. Fire-select reels you in fast. Picking up heavy weapons or red/yellow armour causes you to loose the the grapple hook, which will respawn (to you) 15 seconds after you have discarded your heavy weapons and armour.

Alternate Fire Modes: (impulse 55)
}Rune-Axe = Earth-Magic: 50% health protection, Black-Magic: Vampirism, Hell-Magic: Fire bolts, Elder-Magic: Bind monsters.
}Shotgun = Tac-Lite. (Just a macho torch really).
}Double Shotgun = Fire one barrel. (You can reload using impulse 56 in all game modes).
}Nailgun = Silencer (loses range, armour penetration and ricochet).
}Perforater = Fire all four barrels at once (loses range, armour penetration and accuracy).
}Grenade Launcher = Nailbombs (add 5 nails each time you press select).
}Rocket Launcher = Homing Missiles.
}Thunderbolt = Ball-lightning. (like Doom's Plasma-gun but charges up if you hold the trigger).
}Blaster = Marksman mode.
}SurgiKit = Heal self.

>Cranked Monsters (Patrik Martin) Best to just check cranked_readme.txt in the docs folder, some of
the monsters have been tweaked in mostly minor ways. Vores have some FX added to their cloaking ability etc.
>Zombies can now be dismembered by axes or shredded by sustained fire.
>Knights, Deathknights, Enforcers and some Grunts have armour (balanced by reduced health) so try the
nail-guns on them.
>Vore homing missiles now have limited range.
>Fiends have a nasty surprise in store for you (looks best with QMB particles in Qrack), Rotfish swim (and chomp) faster.
>Some monsters carry a little loot for lucky players. Just now they are: Zombies (common but rubbish) Ogres (rare but pretty good) Knights (rare, and pretty average.)
>Monsters that carry loot drop a backpack even when they are gibbed.
>Death Knights have been replaced by Rune Knights, there are four types (based on the four runes in the game) each of whom has a different style of ranged attack, and a fifth type capable of using any of the four attacks.
>Chthon is much more fun. Handles multiple opponents better, can be hurt by normal weapons (everything counts in large amounts) and has more interesting attacks.
>Monsters now get a powerup for killing players. They can get Mega-Health, Quad Damage or the Pentagram of protection. This only happens on hard and nightmare settings.

Misc & Other:
>Falling and drowning ignore armour.
>Teamplay protects armour as well as health, does not protect own health. (1 & 3 only.)
>Players can vote for their choice of map thanks to Bam's Vote-Map plugin.

=New sounds and models for the shotguns.
=Footstep SFX. (Not entiely cosmetic, can be used to hunt and kill other players.)
=BloodFix: Buttons no longer bleed when you shoot them.
=Monsters get obituaries too now.
=Sound effect for armour damage. (Again not entirely cosmetic.)
=Shotguns and Nailguns all eject thier empty casings.

>coop 1: Respawning cooperative gameplay (players, monsters and equipment).
>coop 2: Old style coop (whether weapons stay is controlled by the "teamplay" variable now though).
>coop 3: Last Man Standing Coop. Items and ammo do not respawn, weapon stay controlled by teamplay variable. Lives equal to fraglimit.
>deathmatch 3: deathmatch with respawning monsters, (otherwise the same as deathmatch 1).
>deathmatch 4: Last Man Standing Deathmatch. Items and ammo do not respawn and weapons stay as in deathmatch 2.
>deathmatch 5: As deathmatch 3 but with (non-respawning) monsters.
>skill 3: Nightmare mode with respawning monsters, (also selected by the nightmare teleporter on the start map).
>teamplay 1/3: now protects allies armour as well as their health. Your are not protected from your own weapons.
>teamplay 1/2: weapons now stay as in deathmatch 2, but keys are removed from the map when picked up and placed in backpacks
when the player dies.
>teamplay 3/4: Tactical Mode = Each player carries two weapons (choose one each from 2-4 and 5-8). Armour affects speed in this mode, and each weapon has limited clip capacity (reload with impulse 56)
>teamplay 5/6: Reload = Normal gameplay but with limited clips.

>impulse 30: Toggle chase Cam (more for debuging than gameplay, will be used to provide
some fun FX at some point). (bound to B in controls.cfg)
>impulse 20: Drop backpack. Drops all unneeded ammo. (bound to H in controls.cfg)
>impulse 21: Drop weapon. Drops your selected weapon, needed for teamplay 3/4. (bound to G in controls.cfg)
>impulse 22: Drop armour. Drops your current armour, also needed for teamplay 3/4. (bound to F in controls.cfg)
>impulse 23: Drop key. Drops gold key first, then silver. (bound to K in controls.cfg)
>impulse 24: Drop artifact. Drops in this order Quad > Pent > Ring > Suit. (bound to J in controls.cfg)
>impulse 25: Drop rune. Drops currently activated rune. (bound to L in controls.cfg)

>impulse 13: Select the Blaster. (bound to 9 in controls.cfg)
>impulse 14: Select the SurgiKit. (bound to 0 in controls.cfg, only available if teamplay is on)
>impulse 55: Fire Selector. (bound to mouse2 in controls.cfg)
>impulse 56: Reload (bound to R in controls.cfg)
>impulse 97: Vote for a map (bound to v in controls.cfg) use number keys to choose the map you want or type eXmX in console.

Config Files:
Use exec xxx.cfg in the console to load each config file.
*controls.cfg: Sets the default controls.
*bot.cfg: creates addbot, removebot and botcam aliases (for Frikbot)
*sniper.cfg: improved zoom. Edit the file (with notepad or something) if you don't use mouse sensitivity 13 or fov 90
*cam.cfg: binds B,U,J,K & L to chasecam controls. (not autoexec incase you use the keys for other things) B is toggle, the others are settings.
*exec.cfg: execs all the other config files (apart from cam.cfg, although it does bind B to toggle the chase cam).cfgs. If you rename this to autoexec.cfg it will load automaticaly when you run quake.

To do (and daft ideas) list:
+Last Man Standing. Start a new round once everyone is dead. (i.e. make it actually work).
+Experiment with adding map and monster support for the mission packs, 3WCTF and Quoth.
+Models for new equipment and weapons.
+make frikbots understand the changes in gameplay better.

Known Bugs that I still haven't fixed yet:
-The Grapple occasionally crashes the game.
-Chthons fire hail isn't spreading out in the manner desired.
-You sometimes get a free nailgun for no good reason in tactical mode.
-I'm concerned about how well invisible monsters will work over the network.
-Spam cannon battles will probably cause packet overflows.

Patrick Martin: Respawning Monsters, Cranked Monsters and Doom Shotgun code. Pure genius!
Ryan "Fika" C Smith: The all conquoring Frik Bot (not to mention FrikGui the QC compiler I'm using)
Bengt Jardrup: Various bug fixes and code improvements.
Bam: Vote-Map plugin.
Monster: FrikBot waypoints for single player maps.
Lardarse: Respawning keys.
OriOn: Shotgun view model.
Steve Bond: Flame Thrower code. (used for Fiends), and Shell Eject code (the model is from the Omicron bot).
LordHavoc: The nailgun casings are from DP-Mod.
Charlie Zimmerman: CSpike10 (riccochet spikes and nailbombs).
Perecli Manole (Bort): Swing Hook.
Vhold: Homing missiles.
Justin Milligan: Some code from Drunk Missiles 3 found it's way in to the ball lightning code.
Jonathan Avraham: Homing Sticky Missiles v0.9 (grenade attachment).
Sto: Axe of command.
Rob Albin: Chasecam code.
Noctrun: Clean QC code.
Electro: Quake 1 Arena from whence the shotgun ground model.
David Norton: SAS Quake Patch. (double shotgun .MDL)
Brett "Vuh" Wagner and Darksnow: Footsteps.
CeeJay: BloodFix.
ShockMan: Flashlight tutorial on www.inside3d.com.
iD: Doom (Shotgun sound, plasma-gun sound.)
iD: Quake III (Super-Shotgun sound.)
Hipnotic: Scourge of Armagon (Blaster models).
Rogue: Dissoloution of Eternity (Plasma Ball model).
TED Notepad: For being a lot like MS Notepad but also being an actual text editor.
http://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames2/quakec/ : an invaluable resource for oldskool QC patches. (a CDRom.com mirror.)

Canadian*Sniper, Phenom and kaeser @ www.quakeone.com
Emily and Mike and Brian Joyce for network testing in Neo-Mongolia.