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Qoetia b4 picks up where SuperCoop b3 left off. I have changed the name to reflect the fact that while the mod still gives you lots of reasons to play co-op, it is also just as strong in single player and deathmatch.

Key Features:

* Alt-Fire: Enabled on all weapons, from the modest Tac-Lite on the shotgun to the perforaters quad barrelled hail of death, each weapon is equipped with a new fire mode to complement the original.
* Added weapons and equipment: Blaster, Hand-Grenades, SurgiKit and Grapple Hook create new options and playing styles.
* Rebalanced original weapons: The shotguns are slower but more powerful and nailguns have an armour piercing effect (75%) Ammo capacitys are 42 Shells, 250 Nails, 20 Rockets and 150 cells.
* Tactical Mode: (teamplay 3 + 4) You can only carry two guns (one light one heavy) and each weapon has a limited clip which must be reloaded when it is empty. SurgiKits and grapples take the place of heavy weapons, and your armour type affects your speed. In effect a make-it up as you go along class system for enhanced teamplay.

* Enhanced Monsters: More or less everything in the game has new attacks or other tricks up it's sleeve.
* Respawning Monsters: In coop 1, deathmatch 3 and nightmare skill the monsters will respawn.
* Monster Powerups: Monsters are rewarded with a powerup (quad, pent or mega-health) for killing a player. Kill the monster and it drops the powerup. Shamblers with quad-damage are nasty!

There's a lot more going on, check Qoetia.txt for more details.

You can read about the new equipment added to Qoetia here.

Some info about weapons in Qoetia.

A highly informative essay on how Qoetia's monsters differ from those in regular Quake.

Download QoetiaB4.rar == 1.93Mb

Or QoetiaB4.zip == 2.06Mb