Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Quake III TV: Episode 2 is in its final lap. Here's a teaser pic just to show you I'm actually working on it! Planning it for a grand finale to Qexpo. Thanks again for all your feedback and allowing me to be part of an event I've loved watching for years now.

Also, for you stencil monkeys have a Rocket tag!!. Print and cut it out and throw it up on your backpack, wallet, house, or neighbor's house. Download Here

Here's a few more sketchup guns ported from Q1, cleaned up a bit and given measurements for you garage monkeys. BTW I'm learning that plastic jugs and containers work wonderfully for this. Cheap too!

Download Here


For the DIY types, I've imported the q3a Rocketlauncher into Google Sketchup, scaled it down to size, threw a bunch of measurements on it, and here it is. Get your @$$ to the hardware store, grab some materials, saws, and glue! Let me know if this sort of thing is interesting to you and I'll try to import and measure more guns from Quake games.

Download Here


Learning more about Chroma-Key and blending model-footage in with live-action.

Having some fun with new toys. Enjoy!


I was invited via Jehar to be part of this festival of rockets and railguns. So I present to you my little slice of entertainment: Quake III TV. Hope you enjoy.

**Please, do make sure you view this in High-Quality mode. Youtube compression is the devil**

You'll notice some interesting headmodel/torso combos as well as odd looking skins. I've been tinkering around with the texture files in Baseq3 to give the appearance of something familiar-yet-new. All filmed using Q3A MME.