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Quake RMX map pack
Reviews by Lunaran
e2m1rmx by Spirit
Easiest, neatest exit. Fun secrets. Looks like it was built by a reviewer. :) first run demo

e3m4rmx by Willem
Willem's map (willem) Um, most faithful to the original? Hard to say as he didn't really get very far.

e3m5rmx by Speedy
Great expansions while retaining the iconic areas and flow of the map. Plays like what the Wind Tunnels would have turned out to be like if you played it and then described it to another mapper who never saw it himself. A very clever and creative mapper. Very hard, but only infuriating sometimes. Having to bob in the water and axe an ogre to death by chopping him in the toes was a bit silly.

e4m1rmx by RickyT23
Best architecture, hardest. Respawning biosuits were clever and added some tension, but it was a pain getting caught without one. Bonus points for lasers. demo

e4m7rmx by Zwiffle
Cool architectural set pieces and details but visually unconnected - the sea of blue brick between them looked blank. Most vicious, flying vore circus wtf. I somehow bypassed 20 monsters in this map. first and second run demos

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